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Happy Holidays?

I was pretty much just fine with the holidays until today. I’m definitely looking forward to a couple of four-day weekends, hopefully having plenty of time to read, play video games, watch some movies, and at least start, but hopefully finish, a birthday and anniversary calendar — I’m hoping it helps me get on track with making cards ahead of time for upcoming events rather than trying to pull things together at the last minute. A pretty calendar I can put on my bulletin/white board where I’ll see it all the time might be a good reminder.

Of course one important thing at the holidays is getting together with family. Tomorrow we are having what I thought was just a simple family get-together, but it turns out my aunt is actually having a big open house she’s invited all their friends and neighbors to as well. I had sort of wondered when she included the open house info in the Christmas card she sent me, but since no other family gatherings were scheduled, I mistakenly just went along with the assumption all was good.

Until my mom got an email from my grandma yesterday, in which she noted she had just learned herself the true nature of the open house, and it doesn’t sound like she’s too happy about it. At this late date, there’s really no time to try to get everyone together at yet another event, and mom and I can’t really be away from home more than one night anyway. So, we get to spend the day crowded with a bunch of people I barely know. The one thing I actually look forward to at this time of year, some quality time with my extended family, is now going to be torture.

And that was the turning point. I had tried to remain as positive as I could and was doing pretty well, but this frustration just brought everything out. How I hate that I never get to see my nephews for the holidays, how much I miss what Christmas was like when I was a kid, how much I used to enjoy shopping for gifts for my closest friends but most of them don’t want to exchange gifts anymore, how I’m ticked that I have to miss the one social event I’ve been invited to because of this not-just-family open house, how hard it is to hear how fabulous everyone else’s holidays are.


Catching Up

Just a little post to catch things up from the past couple of weeks.

  • Dad’s home. He was in the hospital for six days before moving to a rehab facility. He was there for just over a week. He has a good amount of pain yet, but the healing is going pretty quickly, all things considered.
  • I bought myself a Christmas gift: a Nintendo Wii. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, but wasn’t really planning to get one when I was running errands last Wednesday. I popped into Best Buy since I had to drive right by it anyway, thinking I’d probably just get a Nintendo DS game or something. But lo and behold, they had a Wii, and it’s now residing on my computer stand (good thing my monitor is a flat screen…eventually I’m hoping to move the Wii into the entertainment center instead).
  • I haven’t played much on the Wii yet, as I ended up coming down with stomach flu/food poisoning on Thursday, and I pretty much just slept and read books until Saturday morning. I hardly ate anything for those two days, and it was such a nice feeling to wake up Saturday with a normal appetite.
  • Over the weekend I got pretty far in feeling caught up for the holidays by finishing the design for my Christmas cards and actually getting far enough with assembling them that about half of them went into the mail today. Usually I spread out the card creation over a few days; my right shoulder and elbow are a little sore from all the stamping.
  • Tonight I took a break from the cards to put together a playlist for a holiday music CD swap I’m running a bit late with. It’s mostly done, other than listening to see if I like the flow, and maybe adding a song or two.
  • Pretty much the only other thing I really need to do this week is pick up something for my mom for Christmas.

So there you have it in a nutshell. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to my plan of posting at least two or three times a week now that things are a little more under control.

I Don’t Hate Going to the Dentist, But…

So, if I only post every couple of months or so, I bet no one is reading this anymore. I’ll try to do better over the summer! I have a tag from my last post I still need to do too.

I really don’t hate going to the dentist. I really like the one I’ve been going to for a few years now, and so far I’ve had no complaints about anything. I can’t say I’m thrilled about what I have to go in for today, though. About three weeks ago I had a root canal (no big deal, just annoying; I’ve had one before so I knew pretty much what to expect), but this time I have to get a crown. Apparently I’ll need to get a crown on the other root-canaled tooth eventually too, but hopefully not until at least next year so I can utilize pre-tax medical benefits to pay for it.

Today I go in for the first of the two appointments to get my crown. I was sort of hoping that I wouldn’t need Novocaine since the tooth is technically not alive anymore, but from a bit of online reading it sounds like I’ll get it anyway. I don’t mind Novocaine so much, but its lingering effects put me out of commission for several hours for anything beyond watching TV, and I have stuff I need to get done tonight.

And apparently I’ll still need to avoid eating on that side of my mouth for at least a couple more weeks; I’ve had to do that for three weeks already with the temporary filling and it’s getting tiring. Literally.

I’ll plan to post something a little less depressing soon. Maybe post a few photos from my recent vacation in California. I only have around 1,200 to sort through first…

I should never look at my vacation balance.

The thing is, whenever I submit my timecard, I always look to see what my current vacation leave balance is. I’m earning 10.8 hours a month these days, and even with taking a full two weeks off last summer and a full week in February, I’ve got nearly 25 days built up again, especially if I include my two floating holidays I have to take each year.

I’m taking a week off in July, but since we’re seriously short-staffed this summer, that’s pretty much it outside of random days here and there.

I should really come up with some really cool plans for, say, September or October.

How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence.

–Benjamin Disraeli

So on Sunday, Barb had to stop by the grocery store after church so she could pick up some mushrooms for lunch, and somehow I ended up walking out with a pot of tulips.

In and of itself, that’s not so weird. I love tulips. (They’re not my favorite flower, that would be tiger lilies, but a close second.)

It was proposed to me that I could save the bulbs, plant them in the fall, and see if they came up again next spring. I have never gardened, but they sound easy enough. So what better than more tulips? I knew I had to go to Home Depot this week and they had pots of them for $5, so why not get one more?

And so I did. But while waiting for my mom to write a check for new carpet, I started browsing the seed display. I now have seeds for tall sunflowers, small sunflowers, four o’clocks, and a variety of wildflowers. Of course, it’s a good month probably until I can plant them, so perhaps I’ll have time to read Gardening for Dummies or something.

Or perhaps this is just a temporary insanity and it’ll be gone by then.

I also picked up a hanging planter of violas for the front porch, some plant fertilizer, and a kneeler thingy. Yikes.

So, about that vacation

See post below to see what I’m referring to.

  1. I didn’t get it done last week, but it’s done and to its recipient now.
  2. I have about 30 pages left. I expected it to draw me in and make me read it nonstop at some point, but it never happened.
  3. Oil not yet changed. Hopefully this coming Saturday morning.
  4. I kept caught up through Tuesday of this week even, but now I’m behind after having a class last night.
  5. Heh. Well, I did make some significant progress.
  6. Sadly, this is the third of four weeks of the class, and I’m still not done with week one. *sigh* And I’m signed up for a second course on the same topic starting March 6. Yikes.
  7. Nope, didn’t happen.
  8. Neither did this.
  9. I didn’t then, but I have started on a couple of birthday cards, one of which is already late and the other will be. Sorry, guys.
  10. I didn’t do this either, but still plan to. But even if I don’t do it on my own, I have a model job that I’ll get compensation for arriving in the mail soon, so I’ll have to stitch that asap.

Despite not getting everything done, it was a fabulously relaxing week. Many, many hours of being completely alone was very rejuvenating.

And I did get a few other things done: Blazer got her shots, I went to the eye doctor so I can get new contacts (and glasses this spring sometime), and I finally made the decision to become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (paperwork went in the mail Wednesday).