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Knitting/Cat Storage

A few weeks ago I decided it was about time I learned how to knit. I plan to post more about that soon (including photos, which aren’t transferred to my computer yet), but I have this photo on my iPhone just waiting to be posted…

See, with the knitting has come more yarn, with more need to find places to store it. I found some great containers, particularly perfect for balls of kitchen cotton.

And cats.

Because I Can

WordPress recently released their new iPhone app, and I’ve been wanting to try it out before going to the Stampin’ Up! convention next week, since I’ll probably want to do a little blogging but am really hoping to not need to bring my laptop.

So here’s a quick pic of the new item I picked up for my cats this evening at Menard’s (I really know how to spend a Friday night, right?). The box calls it a “Kitty Stepper,” and while it’s hard to tell from the photo (getting Guinness and Blazer to stay still enough for one photo was a chore), there are four full levels for them to enjoy.


Guinness is So Photogenic

It’s true–Guinness is ridiculously easy to take good pictures of. He actually stays still for more than 10 seconds at time, which certainly helps. Blazer is almost always on the move. Below is a picture I took of Guinness a week ago. I took more than 50 pictures that morning, and I just caught Guinness is this really nice sunlight…and just as I took the photo Blazer ran right through. I was so disappointed, because of course Guinness took off after her. Fortunately, my new digital SLR doesn’t wait as long as my old digital to actually take the picture, and I managed to catch the moment after all.


Today I’ve been working on updating the cross stitch photos I have online; check out the “Flickr: Cross Stitch” link over on the right if you’re interested. I had a heck of a time figuring out where I had put a few completed projects, but I found them and took pictures, so they should be up within the next hour or so.

Counting My Blessings

Even though Thanksgiving is a fairly boring holiday for me, or perhaps because it is, I like to take a little time to think about the blessings in my life over the past year. In general, it’s been a relatively bad year, but there are still lots of good things to be thankful for.

Number 1: My dad is alive. Another 24 hours without treatment back on that day in June, and he wouldn’t be.

Number 2: My parents are still together, and celebrated their 35th anniversary a few weeks ago. As bad as the summer was, I can’t imagine how much worse it might have been without my mom.

Number 3: That I got to see my three nephews for a couple of weeks over the summer. I wish I could see them more often than every other year or so.

Number 4: Batgirl, the Batcave, and baseball in general. I can’t think of any better ways to keep my mind distracted while things were bad, or better ways to spend a good time even when life is fine.

Number 5: The silver friends (i.e., the new ones through the Batcave). Internet friends are the best, especially when they start becoming your real friends. They have brought a new life to my life, and I’m enjoying it more than I can say. Roadtrip, anyone?

Number 6: The gold friends (i.e, the ones who have been around forever). These people are the foundation, the rocks I know I can always turn to. I hope that even as some of us are starting families, we’ll continue to be a family.

Number 7: My job. Sure, it’s not great every day, just like any other job, but I enjoy what I do. And the paycheck is nice too.

Number 8: My cats, Guinness and Blazer. Heh, I almost typed Dublin’s name right there, even though she’s been gone since four days after last Thanksgiving. I still miss her so much, but Blazer is adorable and sweet, and a fabulous playmate for Guinness. Pictures to come soon!

So, thanks to everyone who’s been there for me this past year. Without you, I’d…well, I’d probably drink less, but you know what I mean.