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A New Home

I’ve been mulling it over for a while, but I finally decided to take the plunge and see how it’d go to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Turns out it was pretty easy, and there are some things that I really like about how WP works, so I think I’m here to stay. I still have a bit of housecleaning and tweaking to do, but it should mostly be done at this point.

One thing that was nice about importing from Blogger was that I was able to import both of the blogs I had there, including the comments, so everything is now in one spot. I also like how easy it was to substitute a photo of my own into the template I chose, so what you see is actually a photo I took at the Minnesota Zoo a couple of years ago.

I really am going to do my best to fill up my home with all sorts of new posts. If I don’t get to it tonight, I at least have a movie update coming tomorrow or so, along with a “day in the life” post I’d like to get to very soon.

Twins Game 4/11/07

It’s always nice when the Twins win the first game you attend in a season, but it’s also nice to take a few fun pictures. Here’s what was probably my shot of the night, though not the clearest. Doug Mientkiewicz is always fun to watch, no matter the uniform.

And then Dougie landed (sadly, this is even blurrier than the first).

I just like this one of White and Casilla.

I didn’t realize Morneau did this thing with his face, but perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention.

Morneau again, holding up to get back to second base.

Guinness is So Photogenic

It’s true–Guinness is ridiculously easy to take good pictures of. He actually stays still for more than 10 seconds at time, which certainly helps. Blazer is almost always on the move. Below is a picture I took of Guinness a week ago. I took more than 50 pictures that morning, and I just caught Guinness is this really nice sunlight…and just as I took the photo Blazer ran right through. I was so disappointed, because of course Guinness took off after her. Fortunately, my new digital SLR doesn’t wait as long as my old digital to actually take the picture, and I managed to catch the moment after all.


Today I’ve been working on updating the cross stitch photos I have online; check out the “Flickr: Cross Stitch” link over on the right if you’re interested. I had a heck of a time figuring out where I had put a few completed projects, but I found them and took pictures, so they should be up within the next hour or so.