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Guinness is So Photogenic

It’s true–Guinness is ridiculously easy to take good pictures of. He actually stays still for more than 10 seconds at time, which certainly helps. Blazer is almost always on the move. Below is a picture I took of Guinness a week ago. I took more than 50 pictures that morning, and I just caught Guinness is this really nice sunlight…and just as I took the photo Blazer ran right through. I was so disappointed, because of course Guinness took off after her. Fortunately, my new digital SLR doesn’t wait as long as my old digital to actually take the picture, and I managed to catch the moment after all.


Today I’ve been working on updating the cross stitch photos I have online; check out the “Flickr: Cross Stitch” link over on the right if you’re interested. I had a heck of a time figuring out where I had put a few completed projects, but I found them and took pictures, so they should be up within the next hour or so.

Love Joy Home

It has been a long time since I was truly in the mood to sit down and do a little cross stitch, but around New Year’s, I realized that things had changed from wishing I missed it enough to pick it up to actually missing it. So I dug around in my craft area (it’s pretty well taken over by stamps and stamping supplies) until I found a project I started back in June 2005. I knew then that I’d never have it finished for my friend Nancy and her now-husband Trent in time for their wedding in July, but I really thought it was something they’d like whenever I finished it.

Unfortunately, I also started it right before my dad went into the hospital for a few weeks, and life really took a turn after that. I had put in 11 hours on it beforehand, and then another 7-1/2 hours in July, but for the most part I set it aside in favor of modelstitching jobs and smaller projects. By the fall of 2005, I was hardly doing any stitching at all, and in all of 2006 the only stitching I did was a small series of models.

Though I’ve had other things I should be working on, I’ve actually put in quite a few hours over the past week or so. The photo represents a total of 29 hours of stitching. (It’s a little dark; I’ll fix that in my next update.)

One Productive Weekend

Well, I’ve got to have one every now and again, but this time I’m pretty sure it was because I made myself not turn on my computer once, not even to check on my fantasy baseball teams, which was incredibly challenging.

  • I read an entire book. Sure, it was a short book and technically I started it Wednesday night, but I had barely read any of it by the time Friday evening rolled around. I rarely read a book that fast just because I have so much else going on.
  • I’m now 75% done with my cross stitch model project, so I should have no problem meeting the deadline.
  • I caught up with 6 episodes of CSI, plus a number of other random shows I had on my TiVo.
  • It wasn’t one I have from Netflix right now, but I watched a movie I found when I was flipping channels Saturday night when I couldn’t get to sleep.

On the other hand, I didn’t:

  • Do any laundry
  • Watch any of my Netflix movies
  • Do any cardmaking/designing
  • Clearing out of my bathroom in preparation for contractors

But that’s all okay, because that modelstitching job is, besides my day job, the most important thing I have going on right now.

I Swear, I’m Still Alive

Just crazy busy, am I.

The busy season at work began a few weeks ago, so now I have weekends I’m on call, and since I put in a few hours the very first weekend, I’m expecting that to just get worse and worse until hopefully it’s all over sometime in May. *does not hold breath*

Since last I posted I become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I’m just doing it for the discount (but of course, if you’re interested in placing an order or hosting a workshop or whatever, I’d be happy to do that for you), but I still have a lot of materials I need to watch and read and organize. And I need to find somewhere to store the pile of stuff I got in my starter kit.

I also started a set of models for a cross stitch designer that are due June 1, but I’m not nearly as far along with them as I’d like after three weeks. I put in three hours last night, though, so that’s something. I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to do any cross stitch the past couple of years, which is just sad because I love it (there’s a reason I do it professionally). This evening after I check on whether or not I have something at home, I’m placing an order for needles, the rest of the magazines out so far that include a series chart I want to stitch for my grandma, and the afghan I need to start that project. Here’s a link with a picture for the Hummingbird Trellis afghan (scroll down for it). I originally wanted to do this for her 75th birthday this coming September, but the afghan alone is over $70, so I’ve been putting off buying it. I’m now shooting for her 80th birthday.

Today I’m pondering whether or not to buy a new iPod. The one I have is old (it’s a 2nd generation, the current ones are 5th), it doesn’t have nearly enough space on it for me (10GB, compared to the 30GB and 60GB ones they’re selling now), and I’d like a new case for it, but I can’t find anything for one so old (it has buttons under the screen, the current ones don’t). I don’t really want to spend the money, and I have no idea what I’ll do with the one I have now, but I really want a nice 30GB iPod in black. *sigh*

Model Stitching

Originally posted on my Stamp Stitch Read blog.

Earlier in the year, I did a few cross stitch models for My Mark Designs. In fact, the one shown on the top left of the home page at the moment is the first one I did, “Desire.” I completed that one in March.

The second one was “Be Kind,” which is the one on the bottom of the collection on this page. I finished it in early June.

The third and last I did was “Garden Walk,” which I almost regretted taking on when my dad ended up in the hospital on the very day I accepted the job. It is the largest of the ones I did, and took me a bit longer with all that was going on, but I finished it mid-July.