It has been a long time since I was truly in the mood to sit down and do a little cross stitch, but around New Year’s, I realized that things had changed from wishing I missed it enough to pick it up to actually missing it. So I dug around in my craft area (it’s pretty well taken over by stamps and stamping supplies) until I found a project I started back in June 2005. I knew then that I’d never have it finished for my friend Nancy and her now-husband Trent in time for their wedding in July, but I really thought it was something they’d like whenever I finished it.

Unfortunately, I also started it right before my dad went into the hospital for a few weeks, and life really took a turn after that. I had put in 11 hours on it beforehand, and then another 7-1/2 hours in July, but for the most part I set it aside in favor of modelstitching jobs and smaller projects. By the fall of 2005, I was hardly doing any stitching at all, and in all of 2006 the only stitching I did was a small series of models.

Though I’ve had other things I should be working on, I’ve actually put in quite a few hours over the past week or so. The photo represents a total of 29 hours of stitching. (It’s a little dark; I’ll fix that in my next update.)