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Guinness is So Photogenic

It’s true–Guinness is ridiculously easy to take good pictures of. He actually stays still for more than 10 seconds at time, which certainly helps. Blazer is almost always on the move. Below is a picture I took of Guinness a week ago. I took more than 50 pictures that morning, and I just caught Guinness is this really nice sunlight…and just as I took the photo Blazer ran right through. I was so disappointed, because of course Guinness took off after her. Fortunately, my new digital SLR doesn’t wait as long as my old digital to actually take the picture, and I managed to catch the moment after all.


Today I’ve been working on updating the cross stitch photos I have online; check out the “Flickr: Cross Stitch” link over on the right if you’re interested. I had a heck of a time figuring out where I had put a few completed projects, but I found them and took pictures, so they should be up within the next hour or so.

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  1. Rachel

    That’s an adorable picture.

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