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Here to welcome you to my new blog are Guinness and Blazer.



  1. Carly-Ann

    They are so cute! Are they mother and kitten? Or related some other way?

  2. Kristie

    They are related!

    Back in 2001, I adopted Guinness along with his littermate, Dublin. Dublin died from a severe asthma attack (I only learned she had asthma earlier in the day she died) in November 2004.

    As it happens, their mother had a new litter of kittens two days before Dublin died, and Blazer came home in January 2005.

    Guinness loved her almost right away; this picture was taken at the end of her second day home.

  3. Mom

    Guinness loved her almost right away????!!!! You need to post a picture of her first couple days at home, “protected” in the dog kennel, to refresh your memory… ha ha.

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