The Olive Garden. Need I say more?

Well, okay, I’ll say a little more.

I was rather looking forward to an evening where I could just veg, watch a little tv, perhaps finally design my Christmas thank you cards. But then my mom said two magical words: Olive Garden. I was pretty sure it was just her way of bribing me into going grocery shopping with her, but I didn’t care.

So I had some great soup, salad, and breadsticks, plus a glass of wine.

Then we stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond, where I discovered that very little of my kitchenware pattern is left, and what little was left was on clearance. Hmm. Guess I shouldn’t have waited so long to pick up more pieces. You can see a picture of the olive oil bottle I have here. I just found a website that has the matching coasters, so perhaps there’s some hope I can find a few more things out there.

13 thoughts on “The Olive Garden. Need I say more?”

  1. That’s the plan: to have the stuff for when I move. Happily, I found a few things on eBay too, though for the things I actually need (sugar and flour containers), it looks like I’ll just have to find something that coordinates.

    I’m going to call AGAIN today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow since I’ll be out of the office most of the day). I’m not appreciating having to call more than once to get a return call.

  2. Good thing you’re coming to a place that has ’em all over then, right Rach? I’ll go there pretty much anytime my checkbook says I can.

  3. First, I don’t know Spanish, so “donde estas” as basically the same as Greek to me.

    Second, sorry folks for the lack of update. I can’t remember the last time I even turned on my computer at home. And, there’s just not much going. I’ve been watching a lot of movies, though, so I’ll probably write about them soon.

    Third, no, Macaroni Grill over Olive Garden. I really need to get my parents to the Grill one of these days.

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