5 thoughts on “Shoe Shopping”

  1. Thanks! I really needed a change of pace color-wise. One of these days I’m going to figure out how to do that stuff myself, or even how to edit the comments thing like I’ve noticed a few folks do.

    Shoe shopping has been delayed because I ended up at work later than I wanted to yesterday. If I get out of here at 1 today to make up my overtime from last weekend, I’m going to get my car’s oil changed, then to shoe shopping.

  2. Thanks! They’re certainly bright and cheery.

    I don’t think you smell. I just have limited time in which to do stuff.

    I still haven’t gotten to Famous Footwear, but I picked up a pair of clogs on clearance at Target yesterday. They’re a 9-1/2, which is weirdly large, but they fit, they’re tall enough for my jeans, and they don’t have cracks along the instep, so I’m set until I can hit the FF sale.

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