I’m taking a week off of work. It doesn’t happen often enough, and as usual, I have an overly ambitious list of things I’d like to do.

  1. Get my Batling CD exchange CD done and in the mail.
  2. Finish reading The Da Vinci Code.
  3. Get my car’s oil changed.
  4. Keep caught up with the Olympic coverage I’m recording on my TiVo.
  5. Get caught up with all the other TV programs on my TiVo.
  6. Finish the first two weeks of lessons for my B&N University film course.
  7. Read at least a couple of other books besides The Da Vinci Code.
  8. Organize my clothes (long story).
  9. Make some cards. I need to get inspired to do some crafting again.
  10. Get back to my cross stitch.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, and I have a few general errands I’d like to get out of the way too (like getting Blazer in for annual shots), but if I could accomplish everything on this list, I’d consider this a very satsifying week off.