I should never look at my vacation balance.

The thing is, whenever I submit my timecard, I always look to see what my current vacation leave balance is. I’m earning 10.8 hours a month these days, and even with taking a full two weeks off last summer and a full week in February, I’ve got nearly 25 days built up again, especially if I include my two floating holidays I have to take each year.

I’m taking a week off in July, but since we’re seriously short-staffed this summer, that’s pretty much it outside of random days here and there.

I should really come up with some really cool plans for, say, September or October.

2 thoughts on “I should never look at my vacation balance.”

  1. You should do what I did and randomly go to Europe for no other reason than that I have a lot of vacation and never seem to be able to use it all.

  2. Sounds like an excellent plan…except that I don’t really care to travel alone and I have no one to go with me.

    I may finally get to Washington, D.C., though, and visit a friend who lives there and my uncle who lives in Baltimore.

    Hope you had a great trip, anon!

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