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The Sofas Are Here! The Sofas Are Here!

Yeah, I’m pretty much that excited. Pictures will be along just as soon as I’m able to clear out the extra furniture from my living room. The new sofas look awesome with the blue color I chose for the living room, and they’re super comfy. I love being able to push a button to lift the footrest, and I’ve spent a rare (lately, that is) evening mostly relaxing with my feet up, watching TV and knitting.

Tomorrow evening Mom and I are going to start to put my new closet organization into the master bedroom closet. Pretty soon I’ll be able to hang up clothes! And I’m putting my dresser into the closet, which will clear up space to put a nice comfy chair in a corner of my bedroom by the window.

The next big hurdle is figuring out how to get the couch I had in the living room into the second bedroom. Mom and I rearranged and cleared out the room for the move, only to realize how difficult it’s going to be to fit through the door. It’ll go, but it has to be on its side, and with the pull-out bed inside, it’s really hard to move that way. For the moment it’s cozy with the  table in the dining room.

I’ve been able to get a little knitting in this weekend, and my current stitch total for NaKnitMo stands at 9,117/30,000 (I might get a little more than that done before bed tonight). I have quite a way to go in the next eight days! Though there will be other work to do, I’m sort of counting on the four-day weekend to get lots and lots of knitting in. After today I’ll probably work on the Hemlock Blanket rather than the bathmat not only because I can gets lots of stitches quickly, but also because I want to finish the blanket one of these months.

I’ll Sleep When This Week Is Over

I have no idea how I’ve been managing to get up for work this week, because I’ve been up later than I want to be every night. Mostly, of course, I’ve been working on house stuff, trying to put things away or organize or whatever. I’ve also been trying to catch up with some TV, which is proving hard to fit in.

Tonight I’ve been working on something a little more fun than finding places for my groceries, creating the projects for the Stampin’ Up! workshop a friend is having this Saturday. I have an idea of what I’m doing for all four,  but need to work through the actual design, details, and techniques I want to use. I’ve got one card done, which is fairly simple but I think pretty, but for the second I want to finally use the watercolor crayons I bought a while back, and I’ve been playing around with how to get it to work. I had a bit of a breakthough with that, so now I’m just going to write this and head to bed.

While I was working through the first  card, my mom and friend Barb worked on patching all the holes in my master closet. There’s one pretty big hole left that my mom is going to get a patch for on her way home from work tomorrow. She’s also going to see about getting a part I need so I can put a shower door back where it belongs. I think it was yesterday when I was innocently opening the door when it fell into the tub. I knew something wasn’t quite right, but I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t really like shower doors much to begin with, but at the moment I’d rather just make the quick fix than remove them. Eventually, though, I’m looking forward to using the shower curtain and hooks I found a few years ago that I love.

Today at work we had a banquet* during the noon hour to celebrate service awards. We receive a little something for two years, five years, and each five years after that. I received a lovely Mikasa vase for my 10 years of service, which is going to stay at work for a while until I find a place to put it at home that’s safe from the cats. It might be there a while.


*In this context, “banquet” means pizza from Savoy, which is pretty good stuff.

Bringing Some Order to the Chaos

In just a few days, I have a Stampin’ Up! workshop. I love doing these now and then, but as the days go by, I have to wonder how brilliant of an idea it was to schedule one so close to when I was buying a home. If the closing had been when it was supposed to be, it probably would have been fine, but with it being delayed a week and having so much more to deal with than I originally planned for I’m a little crunched for time.

And then there’s the problem that I have a hard time being creative when I’m surrounded by chaos, which pretty much describes my condo right now. Boxes I need to find out if I can recycle or not, tools on the table, boxes and various storage containers scattered around the second bedroom, clothes pretty much all over the master bedroom because I can’t put them in the closet yet, bags of food in the kitchen because I have no idea where to put it all — it’s all starting to get to me a little.

There’s no way I can deal with all of it before getting the projects for the workshop fully created, but I decided I can at least tackle the second bedroom and sort the boxes and stuff a bit so I can at least get at things more easily, and maybe clear out the living room a little since it’ll be where I’m trying to work.

In other news, a coworker friend, who I believe is more of a fan than I am, and I decided to go to the U2 concert together this coming June. I think I’ve only seen them in concert a couple times, the last at Slane Castle in 2001. It’s going to be nice during session to have something to look forward to.

A Quiet Sunday Evening

In actuality, most of my day was quiet. I’ve  felt a little miserable most of the day (no need for further details on that), and while I know I just have so much work to do, I really didn’t want to get off the couch. So, I didn’t get any errands done.

I did get a very small number of things done, though. My Wii and all the games and accessories are where they belong. My router is set up so I’m no longer tied to my desktop computer in the second bedroom and I can update the podcasts on my iPhone and iPod, which I sync to my laptop.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I’m going to have a different route for part of my commute, so I’m going to have to leave a little earlier than usual since I don’t know how much longer it’ll take. I have to put out my trash and recycling carts before I leave for work, and I’m not entirely sure where they’re supposed to go — there was only one trash can out last Monday though I share my driveway with three other homes, and the recycling cart says something about needing to have a certain amount of space between them, and I have no idea how that’s going to work. You’d think the condo association would give new owners more information than just the standard rules and regulations. Of course, they might have sent me something by mail, but when I finally remembered to check my mailbox on Thursday, there was a form I have to send in to start delivery. Oops. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out eventually.

There is still a lot of painting to do, and Mom and I will finish the living room soon, but the master closet is taking priority because the shelves and rods were put in horribly (I don’t know much about this stuff, which will probably become more apparent when I try to describe materials later in this paragraph, but I know you can’t just randomly attach things to sheetrock), and I’d really like to have another place to put my clothes because my dresser and cedar chest are stuffed. Taking out the old stuff left a number of gaping holes in my closet, so tomorrow night I have to buy some sort of Teflon patches, on Wednesday Barb’s going to help me/teach me how to use the patches and patching plaster, on Thursday we’ll have to do some follow-up I think after it’s had time to dry, and hopefully Mom and I can get to painting Friday or Saturday, and start putting in some new closet organization very soon.

I’m trying  to not become overwhelmed by how much there is to do, but it’s hard. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped during my week off because the work I did get done just exhausted me. But until more painting gets done, it’s hard to get the bookcases and things filled up because they’ll be too difficult to move later. Even though it looked like there was loads of cupboard space in the kitchen, I have no idea where I’m going to put half the stuff.

Oh, and I have a Stampin’ Up! workshop this coming Saturday, so I’m going to have to spend at least a couple evenings working on that. Yikes.

Power Strips Are Good Things

Quite a lot more of my stuff got moved today with the help of my parents and a few good friends. Pizza was enjoyed by all afterwards.

Amongst all this stuff were a couple of power strips, one for my desktop computer and various accessories, and another for the TV in my bedroom. I can now plug in the TV, the cable box, my iPhone dock, and a lamp all in the same outlet. I don’t really have a shortage of outlets, but few of the seem to be in convenient locations.

Tomorrow I’m going to see about procuring another category of important items, light bulbs. I’m not sure of the exact count, but I’ve had at least four or five bulbs burn out in the one week I’ve been here.

The Cats Are Here

Today started brightish and early, as deliverymen from HOM Furniture arrived pretty much at 7:30 AM to deliver my bed and TV console. I was opening the blinds in the living room and admiring the little wetlands area when I realized a HOM truck was driving toward my place. I had to scurry a little to clear a few things from the walkway. Those guys are super efficient. They brought up three whole pieces of furniture plus my bed in three sections, put together the bed, and were on there way to their next destination in about 15 minutes.

Next up was Slumberland with a new mattress set. I really can’t wait to finish up this post and get some quality shuteye.

About three hours later Best Buy arrived with my new HDTV. Tomorrow I’ll have my TiVo (it still had stuff to record via my parents’ cable tonight so my mom’s bringing it with her tomorrow morning) and cable, not to mention high-speed Internet and a couch to sit on. I’ve tried to keep up with Facebook, but I haven’t been able to deal with all of the games I enjoy or anything. And I haven’t even seen the Mad Men season finale yet!

By early afternoon, Mom and I were pretty much done touching up the paint in my bedroom and were thinking about heading to their house to get my Lane cedar chest (it was my paternal grandmother’s, which I inherited; I never knew her, so even though it’s not in great shape on the outside due to being stored in a porch where it was exposed to too many elements for too long, I love it, and it’s perfect on the inside) ready for the help my dad found me for some of my heavier and bulkier furniture, plus pack up my desktop computer and its cart so it’s ready for the Internet installation. Except right about then a coworker called who had offered me a set of two bookcases they no longer need, and she and her husband could bring them over then. Amazingly, they also pretty much got them up the stairs themselves too and brought them back to the second bedroom. I totally owe them cookies or something.

After that was done, Mom and I eventually did get back to their house to do what we needed there and eat supper. Then to the main event, herding the cats and getting them here.

Sadly, I could only find one of their carriers (I”m sure the second is somewhere obvious, but I haven’t had to take more than one of them to the vet for quite a while, so I’ve only needed the one available), so as they wandered by I crammed them in the one. They technically both fit, and can even both lay down, but that doesn’t mean they enjoyed it. My parents and I loaded up Mom’s and my car, then I got the cats, and I had an awful car ride with the cats whining/crying/whatever the whole time, but thankfully it’s a short drive.

At first I let the cats loose in my bedroom while Mom and I unloaded our cars, but they were itching to be let loose, so as soon as the door to the garage was shut, I opened the door to see what would happen.

Generally, I’d say they did fine. They did lots of exploring and sniffing, and except for Blazer begging me to play (this is totally normal constant behavior with a particular favorite toy) and Guinness being a little clingy (also normal when he’s a little stressed), they’ve just gone about their business. Of course Blazer’s business is seeing what boxes she can dig into, but so be it. Whatever she gets into, I’m just happy to have them here now.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It’ll be a very quick note tonight. It was a long day of painting and moving a few things from my parents’ house, and I have to be ready by 7:30 tomorrow morning for the first of three deliveries.

7:30-10:30: bed and TV stand (and if I’m lucky, they’ll be willing to help with the coffe table and end table I stupidly picked up last night and only managed to get as far as my garage)
8:30-10:30: mattress set
11-1: TV

I am so looking forward to having my new mattress! And not only because my cats can finally move to their new home tomorrow evening since I won’t be sleeping on an air mattress anymore.

I’m looking forward to the new HDTV too, but it’ll be better after Comcast is here Thursday, and great when I actually have time to watch TV again.

I needed a little comfort knitting, so I’m doing a couple rows of my bath mat and then I’ll get to bed. *yawn*