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Eggstra Socks

In progress Eggstra Socks

The photo shows my progress as of Friday, November 5, at the end of the time I had to knit over my lunch hour. Over the weekend I added 35 rows to the foot, and as of Sunday night I had maybe an inch to go before I could start the toe. And then I thought I’d try it on as best I could while on the circular needle to confirm whether it would fit me or my mom’s cousin’s friend better, and I discovered a stitch that was dropped before I started the foot rounds. Ugh.

When I started on the foot, I knew a stitch had gotten lost somewhere, but I assumed it happened in the increasing or decreasing around the heel, and I just added a stitch back in. Whoops. Now, there’s probably a very nice to fix this without ripping back to it, but I wasn’t completely happy about a couple of other things, and this was just one thing too many to ignore. So yesterday I ripped back to the heel, rescued my dropped stitch, and reknit the gusset.

But for now, this sock must be put aside so I can start a new pair, for alas, this sock fits me pretty well, but the pair I need done by the end of the month needs to be smaller. Last night I cast on a new sock with smaller needles.

Note: I think I’ve failed NaBloPoMo. But I’m going to try to keep posting when I can; it’s a vast improvement over what I’ve done since last November regardless.

Prepping to Paint

It figures that I had just shut down my netbook when I realized I hadn’t posted yet today. Thank goodness for the WordPress iPhone app! This is going to be short and sweet because I still need to sand and maybe tape for painting tomorrow.

At the end of this post I’m including a couple of iPhone photos of what Mom and I have to deal with to paint my master bedroom. This room is on a bit of a tighter schedule than the rest because my mattress set is being delivered Wednesday, and we’d rather not work around it. Also, I really want to move my cats, so I want one room that’s mostly done I can close them in when necessary. Not that I’ve figured out yet where to put their litter box.

The first photo shows the curtains in the living room; there are smaller versions of the same thing in both bedrooms. The hardware necessary to keep these things up is quite firmly attached to the wall. It took Mom the better part of the afternoon to get it all out, while I dealt with the other problem, the wallpaper border that was up. It came down easily enough, but the room was painted cream after it went up, so there were ridges of paint I had to sand down (Mom figured out something easier after I had done two walls). I’m very glad that’s the only room with a border. The curtain hardware is more than enough to handle.

The second photo shows the rose pink paint that was under the border. I also enjoy how the curtains weren’t taken down when the cream paint was done, so there’s been extra pink paint hiding behind the valence for who knows how long.

I Should Be Packing

This morning I did some packing, taking all the stuff I had in my parents’ kitchen cabinets out while Mom packed the stuff up. I had two bottles of wine I had completely forgotten about in there. I have a feeling that I’m going to have a lot of little discoveries like that. Hey, look! I have an espresso machine!

This afternoon and this evening we went through a bunch of household goods that have been stored in my parents’ basement. I still don’t know where my plates, bowls, or silverware are, but wow, I have a lot of Pampered Chef products. I was a consultant for PC for a couple of years in the late 90s, and I accumulated quite a bit in that short time. I have more stoneware than you can shake a stick at.

If I can wrangle up enough boxes, I’m hoping to work on boxing up mystery books tomorrow evening. They’re currently in two bookcases, most in one that’s pretty large, with the overflow in a smaller one. I’d like to repurpose the smaller one to house my sci-fi/fantasy books, which currently don’t have a home at all, though I don’t think they’ll all fit. However, I’m weeding out certain books as I go if I can get them on Kindle instead, so that should help all around. And, I’d certainly love to have the books I’m keeping ready for when I’ll have some help moving them.

The total stitches for my NaKnitMo practice day was 2,697, despite having to frog about 500 stitches. I’m making a circle blanket that has an increase round followed by four rounds of straight knitting, but I did the increase round a round early. Whoops. I took it out, did the row properly, and then did the increase row in the first real hour of NaKnitMo.

Throughout the day today I was able to fit in another four rounds on the blanket, so my total for today is 2,520. Below are a couple of photos, one from the top view, and another from the side. Right now it’s all squooshy on the needles, but when it grows up, it’ll be blocked and stretched out to a nice, large circle.



I think this is going to look fabulous hanging out on one of my new sofas. (I ordered two because it was only $20 more to get a second sofa instead of a loveseat, but I can switch if the second one doesn’t fit well.) And yes, power recliners on both sides. I can’t wait to sit and knit there!


Just to talk about something other than my move or knitting, I’m currently reading Busted Flush, edited by George R.R. Martin. I learned about the first book of what is at least a trilogy (the third is due out this winter) within the Wild Cards universe because a friend of mine from high school is one of the authors. If you’re curious about how I tracked down that friend or about the books, I wrote about it here.

A Busy November Ahead

Because buying a home and moving isn’t going to be enough to do for the next few weeks, I decided to add a couple of other challenges. The first shouldn’t be too difficult, especially since it involves knitting, but the second is a little trickier.

But first, an update on the condo. I was supposed to close yesterday, but found out a few days ago that it was going to be delayed, probably about a week (I was first told “at least a week,” but the next day it was downgraded to “at most a week”). It was very disappointing, but I’m over that, and just hope it all works out well. At the moment I still don’t know what day it’ll be, but probably Thursday or Friday.

The first additional challenge is NaKnitMo (Ravelry link). Someone posted about it in one of my other Ravelry groups, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued. The basic idea is to knit 30,000 stitches during the month of November, which at first seemed like a huge number. However, I’ve been keeping track of my stitches yesterday and today. Without any special effort, I knitted a bit more than 1,300 yesterday, and so far today I’ve completed nearly 1,800. So even with moving and all that entails, 30,000 stitches, or an average of 1,000 a day, is looking very manageable.

The second challenge directly affects this blog, as I’ve decided to participate in NaBloPoMo. I’ve never been very good about posting regularly, but during a time when I actually have things going on that I can write about seems as good a time as any to attempt to develop the habit. And it’s not like I’m trying to write a novel or anything.

Speaking of those things going on, I should try to do a little packing this evening. I should at least put away the yarn I bought this afternoon. What a Saturday night!