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The Cats Are Here

Today started brightish and early, as deliverymen from HOM Furniture arrived pretty much at 7:30 AM to deliver my bed and TV console. I was opening the blinds in the living room and admiring the little wetlands area when I realized a HOM truck was driving toward my place. I had to scurry a little to clear a few things from the walkway. Those guys are super efficient. They brought up three whole pieces of furniture plus my bed in three sections, put together the bed, and were on there way to their next destination in about 15 minutes.

Next up was Slumberland with a new mattress set. I really can’t wait to finish up this post and get some quality shuteye.

About three hours later Best Buy arrived with my new HDTV. Tomorrow I’ll have my TiVo (it still had stuff to record via my parents’ cable tonight so my mom’s bringing it with her tomorrow morning) and cable, not to mention high-speed Internet and a couch to sit on. I’ve tried to keep up with Facebook, but I haven’t been able to deal with all of the games I enjoy or anything. And I haven’t even seen the Mad Men season finale yet!

By early afternoon, Mom and I were pretty much done touching up the paint in my bedroom and were thinking about heading to their house to get my Lane cedar chest (it was my paternal grandmother’s, which I inherited; I never knew her, so even though it’s not in great shape on the outside due to being stored in a porch where it was exposed to too many elements for too long, I love it, and it’s perfect on the inside) ready for the help my dad found me for some of my heavier and bulkier furniture, plus pack up my desktop computer and its cart so it’s ready for the Internet installation. Except right about then a coworker called who had offered me a set of two bookcases they no longer need, and she and her husband could bring them over then. Amazingly, they also pretty much got them up the stairs themselves too and brought them back to the second bedroom. I totally owe them cookies or something.

After that was done, Mom and I eventually did get back to their house to do what we needed there and eat supper. Then to the main event, herding the cats and getting them here.

Sadly, I could only find one of their carriers (I”m sure the second is somewhere obvious, but I haven’t had to take more than one of them to the vet for quite a while, so I’ve only needed the one available), so as they wandered by I crammed them in the one. They technically both fit, and can even both lay down, but that doesn’t mean they enjoyed it. My parents and I loaded up Mom’s and my car, then I got the cats, and I had an awful car ride with the cats whining/crying/whatever the whole time, but thankfully it’s a short drive.

At first I let the cats loose in my bedroom while Mom and I unloaded our cars, but they were itching to be let loose, so as soon as the door to the garage was shut, I opened the door to see what would happen.

Generally, I’d say they did fine. They did lots of exploring and sniffing, and except for Blazer begging me to play (this is totally normal constant behavior with a particular favorite toy) and Guinness being a little clingy (also normal when he’s a little stressed), they’ve just gone about their business. Of course Blazer’s business is seeing what boxes she can dig into, but so be it. Whatever she gets into, I’m just happy to have them here now.

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  1. thisisbeth

    Yay for kitties!

    You had a productive day–congrats!

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