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Bringing Some Order to the Chaos

In just a few days, I have a Stampin’ Up! workshop. I love doing these now and then, but as the days go by, I have to wonder how brilliant of an idea it was to schedule one so close to when I was buying a home. If the closing had been when it was supposed to be, it probably would have been fine, but with it being delayed a week and having so much more to deal with than I originally planned for I’m a little crunched for time.

And then there’s the problem that I have a hard time being creative when I’m surrounded by chaos, which pretty much describes my condo right now. Boxes I need to find out if I can recycle or not, tools on the table, boxes and various storage containers scattered around the second bedroom, clothes pretty much all over the master bedroom because I can’t put them in the closet yet, bags of food in the kitchen because I have no idea where to put it all — it’s all starting to get to me a little.

There’s no way I can deal with all of it before getting the projects for the workshop fully created, but I decided I can at least tackle the second bedroom and sort the boxes and stuff a bit so I can at least get at things more easily, and maybe clear out the living room a little since it’ll be where I’m trying to work.

In other news, a coworker friend, who I believe is more of a fan than I am, and I decided to go to the U2 concert together this coming June. I think I’ve only seen them in concert a couple times, the last at Slane Castle in 2001. It’s going to be nice during session to have something to look forward to.

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