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Moving In, Day One

As I was typing the title, I just realized I’ve had my netbook connected to Sprint via its mobile broadband card for a few hours now. I typically use it very sporadically, so I have no idea how much time I can actually get per month out of my plan. Hmm. In any case, I’m glad to have it so I don’t have to rely just on my iPhone at my new home. Comcast is scheduled for Thursday.

This morning I woke up way earlier than I expected and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I started pulling things together that had to wait until I was really ready to move, like clothes and toiletries. It was basically what I had been planning for today, but I because I could get in earlier than I thought I would be able to, I decided I really wanted to get enough stuff taken over so I could actually stay overnight. My parents and I also loaded up basically everything else that was ready to go, mostly kitchen stuff and food. I ended up calling a friend to see if she might be available for a little while to help unload stuff. She was willing and able — thanks so much, Julie! She was also a great help when I dragged her to Target, where I ended up buying quite a bit of household stuff (also part of my plan for today, before I knew my day would have more to do).

While we were unloading and at Target, my parents started pulling nails and spackling. They’ll be back over tomorrow to help with that, and I’ll go get some paint samples to see if my choices for the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are as good as I think they are.

I went back to my parents’ for dinner, then Mom and I returned to the condo  to clean the cabinet shelves and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and hall closet so I could start putting away dishes, food, and towels. I still have more stuff to put away in the kitchen tomorrow morning, then I can take the pictures I meant to take with the place empty. There will be a few things on the kitchen counters (microwave, electric kettle), but the place is empty furniture-wise, except for my dining room chairs (I realized it would be nice to have a place to sit now and then even though we didn’t bring the table yet) and an airbed.

Something I’m probably going to want to do soon is see about getting new handles and seals for the refrigerator. The ones for the refrigerator part are particularly not fabulous, but the freezer’s aren’t perfect either. The insides are pretty nice, though, and I love how the shelves in the refrigerator are split in half, and all of the shelves are adjustable vertically.

Ah, the ups and downs of homeownership. I’m sure this is just a sliver of what’s to come.

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