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I’m just worn out today after only really getting about five hours of sleep last night. I had to pretty much drag myself out of bed so I could let Barb in to work on my master closet while I finished the last little bit of prepping for my workshop. I actually did do some sanding in the closet before she arrived. She wasn’t here long, just doing the last stuff before my parents primed and painted this afternoon while I was gone for the workshop.

After the workshop I had one of those things happen that might be kind of an amusing story. I wanted to pick up Leeann Chin for my parents and myself for dinner, so the friend at whose house we had the workshop directed me to the nearest one. When I got there I had a fleeting thought about how another friend lived really close to there, but I had no idea if he even liked Leeann Chin, but wouldn’t it be funny if he was there? I figured it was pretty unlikely since it wasn’t even 5 PM at the time, and forgot all about it until I was picking up my bag and there he was next to me, waiting to make his purchase.

While I was gone, my parents got a lot of work done. The master closet might need another coat, at least where the holes were patched, but otherwise it’s done. Mom touched up the living room walls we painted over a week ago so they’re done before the sofas arrive tomorrow afternoon, plus did one of the smaller walls we hadn’t gotten to yet.

My project this evening, which I’m sort of doing in spurts while also trying to watch some TV and get some knitting done (I’m not anywhere close to where I need to be for NaKnitMo, plus I’d love to have my bath mat completed), is to clear out the clutter in the second bedroom so Mom and I can rearrange the furniture in it tomorrow morning so there’s room for the couch that’s now in the living room but will need to be in its real home before the sofas arrive. Most of it’s going into the master bedroom rather than the second bedroom closet because I’m hoping to paint that closet soon before putting stuff like my yarn and paper crafting supplies in it. Of course I’d also like to get that bedroom painted in the nearish future, but I need to decide on a color.

For the time being, the cats’ litter box has been in the second bedroom closet, but I’m not at all sure I like it there. I just can’t for the life of me come up with somewhere better. The best other option I’ve come up with so far is to see if I could put in a different kind of door (it’s currently a door that folds out, so it’s in the way when open) on the bathroom closet so it could be open just wide enough for them to get in, since its footprint is plenty big for the box, and there’s plenty of height before the shelves start. But do I want it in the same place as my towels?

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