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My Post Was Eaten!

Well, I’d like to say that the title of the post was true, but if yesterday’s post for NaBloPoMo was eaten by anything, it wasn’t WordPress but rather my desire to go to bed and forget stuff that needs to be done. Does it count if I have an extra post one day?

So, knitting. I have approximately a zillion projects in progress right now. I’d really like to finish a few of them, but right now I’m concentrating all my efforts on a pair of socks. A couple months or so ago I came across some information about the Ovarian Cancer Sock Kit. This is a cause near and dear to our family because one of my mom’s cousins is an ovarian cancer survivor. I immediately placed an order for a kit. And then sent an email to my mom’s cousin letting her know about the kit and asking her about the organization it benefits. She responded, and also asked if she bought a couple of kits, would I be willing to knit pairs for her and another survivor friend of hers too? Of course I would! I mean, socks aren’t that time consuming, really, right?

Well, it’s all turning out fine now, but these socks have a pretty complicated pattern in the cuff. There are six different cable stitches to keep straight, plus a little bit of beading, which I hadn’t done before in knitting. I’m looking forward to doing some straight knitting when I get to the foot, because the cuff and heel are definitely not things I can do without some amount of concentration. Now that I have those cable stitches mostly memorized, though, I think I’ll be able to finish a pair by the end of November with little trouble, so the cousin can give her friend her pair for her birthday in early December.

And the other two pair should be a breeze!

In other news, I received my member card for the Minnesota Zoo today. I’ve been thinking about getting a membership for a few years now, but finally took the plunge when I was there for a friend’s birthday a couple Saturdays ago. I realized that I really love walking around there, and being able to go down anytime I want, even by myself on a random day off from work or something, would be wonderful. I also love taking photos of the animals, and sometimes it would be nice to do that at my own pace. I did get an Individual Plus membership, though, so I can take someone with for free if I want some company.

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