This post has waited a while to be written. The day after the events below ensued, I had a bit of a fender bender on the way to work (only my six-month-old car and pride were injured), then I had a Stampin’ Up! workshop a couple days after that, and I’ve been sick ever since. At first I thought I just had a simple cold, but let’s just say…apparently it wasn’t.

A couple weekends ago I put in several hours of overtime, and I came up with this plan where if I was able to leave early one day, I was going to do something I’d never done: go to a movie by myself. I know, it’s kind of ridiculous, but I suppose I’ve just always felt it was more of a social thing than, say, picking up groceries or watching a movie on DVD, which of course are things I do by myself all the time.

However, I’ve really missed seeing movies as often as I’d like to. I like the environment, I like the big screen, and since the arrival of the new AMC at Rosedale, I even like the popcorn again. And if I’m going to continue winning the Oscar pool at work, let alone enjoy the Oscars show in general, I’d like to see at least some of the movies.

So that was the plan, and last Wednesday I was able to leave work early enough to catch the 3:00 show of Juno. It was a little strange buying a ticket and not waiting for anyone else in the lobby, buying popcorn without deciding if I was going to split it with a friend, and walking into a nearly empty theater knowing no one would be joining me. But in the end, it was actually kind of nice.

The movie wasn’t bad, either.