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Big Brother 7/5/07

Before I get started, I should update regarding the dental situation. I now have my permanent crown and all is well. The Novocaine for the temporary wasn’t too bad at all, and I didn’t need any for the permanent. I can eat normally again, and I can eat whatever I want, sticky, gooey, whatever.

I hadn’t intended to blog about Big Brother 8, and I’m not sure I’ll keep up with it, but it’s only for about two months so we’ll see. I just watched the season premiere a little while ago, I’ve got my live feed subscription, and I’ve even got my TiVo set to record Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2 (aka ShoToo). I have no idea why I get so wrapped up in this show!

I’m really not keen on the “twist” this season of having pairs of enemies in the house. As it happens, it’s not everyone in the house, just three pairs out of the fourteen total houseguests, but that only mitigates how I feel about it. It was sort of interesting when pairs came in as teams and tried to keep the other teams from figuring out who they were paired with a few seasons ago (BB6?), but this enemy thing just seems like it could get ugly. Don’t things get ugly enough without bringing in people with past enmity? I guess we’ll see, right?

I’m happy to see someone from Minnesota again, and this one I think actually still lives here, unlike Janelle. (No offense to Janelle; I’ve always been a fan of hers as far as the show goes.) So far, I hope Nick goes far in this game.

A few stats about the houseguests. 12 single, one married, one separated. 11 under age 30, three age 30 and over.

Note to HG Joe: For such a “manipulator,” you certainly didn’t mind telling everyone, including your person from the past who may or may not be in another room hearing every word you say, the nitty gritty about your past with him. Oy.

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