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XXIX Summer Olympics – Are you watching?

I’m sitting here watching tonight’s (that would Monday the 11th, though I’m posting this early on the 12th) primetime Summer Olympics coverage, and thought I’d pose a couple of questions to whomever might wander this way: Do you watch the Olympics, and if so, what are your must-not-miss events?

I don’t remember ever not watching any Olympic coverage (I’m not sure where I get this, since neither of my parents care at all), but since getting a TiVo several years ago, it certainly is easier to watch as much as I have time for. Probably my favorite event of all comes from the Winter Olympics (figure skating; in high school I had photos from magazines hung up in my room, but they weren’t of the usual teen heartthrobs, but instead my favorite figure skaters of all nationalities), but in the summer I try to not miss any gymnastic coverage.

I’ve also always enjoyed diving, but I now watch a lot of swimming. I also try to make time for beach volleyball, equestrian, and synchronized swimming. So far this year I’ve at least watched a little water polo, handball, badminton, and rowing, and will probably watch a little of whatever else comes up on my television screen.

Something fun to peruse when you have a little time is the Wikipedia page for the Summer Olympics to see all the sports that have been played over the years. Tug of war? Croquet? Sounds like good times.

Where does the time go?

I really had planned to update this a bit more frequently, so how have I not posted for over a month? Where does the time go, anyway?

In a last Cozy Mystery Challenge update, I actually won one of the books that authors had contributed as prizes. I received Deadly Advice, signed by author Roberta Isleib, a while ago now…I really need to send her a thank-you.

So, what else has been up… I got back in touch with a friend from high school. I really need to respond to that last email from him. Oops. Seriously, time is just getting away from me lately.

A few weeks ago I bought a Nintendo DS after seeing how much fun a coworker had with hers. I can’t believe how many games I’ve accumulated for that thing already. I haven’t been playing as much the past week or so, but I really need to at least get back to Brain Age.

A couple of weeks ago (really, this is the end of what seems like a really big spending spree) I bought an iPhone. It was either a Palm Treo or the iPhone, and the iPhone won out. I love it. I can access my Yahoo! Mail (which my primary personal email account is already forwarded to) seamlessly, I’ve got anytime-I-want access to the Web…oh, and it’s a phone too, though somewhat ironically I probably use that feature the least. It’s even better than my laptop for reading stuff in bed, so I’ve actually been getting caught up with my favorite recaps over at Television Without Pity.

My regular reading has been in a bit of a slump. I’m trying to read a book I’m giving one of my nephews for his birthday (he won’t notice if I’m careful, right?), but I need to get that out in the mail and can’t pick up the copy from the library I requested until Thursday, so I’ll likely pick up something else to start soon. I recently picked up the latest issue of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, and am in the midst of the second story. I really do love short mystery stories when I take the time to read them! If you enjoy them as well, I recommend Criminal Brief: The Mystery Short Story Web Log Project. Which reminds me, I really should read that more often too…

A little teaser: Someday soon I’m going to get up early enough to have time to take pictures and finally do a “day in the life,” now powered by iPhone! Unfortunately for you, my life isn’t that exciting.

Big Brother 7/5/07

Before I get started, I should update regarding the dental situation. I now have my permanent crown and all is well. The Novocaine for the temporary wasn’t too bad at all, and I didn’t need any for the permanent. I can eat normally again, and I can eat whatever I want, sticky, gooey, whatever.

I hadn’t intended to blog about Big Brother 8, and I’m not sure I’ll keep up with it, but it’s only for about two months so we’ll see. I just watched the season premiere a little while ago, I’ve got my live feed subscription, and I’ve even got my TiVo set to record Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2 (aka ShoToo). I have no idea why I get so wrapped up in this show!

I’m really not keen on the “twist” this season of having pairs of enemies in the house. As it happens, it’s not everyone in the house, just three pairs out of the fourteen total houseguests, but that only mitigates how I feel about it. It was sort of interesting when pairs came in as teams and tried to keep the other teams from figuring out who they were paired with a few seasons ago (BB6?), but this enemy thing just seems like it could get ugly. Don’t things get ugly enough without bringing in people with past enmity? I guess we’ll see, right?

I’m happy to see someone from Minnesota again, and this one I think actually still lives here, unlike Janelle. (No offense to Janelle; I’ve always been a fan of hers as far as the show goes.) So far, I hope Nick goes far in this game.

A few stats about the houseguests. 12 single, one married, one separated. 11 under age 30, three age 30 and over.

Note to HG Joe: For such a “manipulator,” you certainly didn’t mind telling everyone, including your person from the past who may or may not be in another room hearing every word you say, the nitty gritty about your past with him. Oy.

Camp Reality

I confess, I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie. I don’t watch every single show (I generally don’t watch shows like The Bachelor, and I’ve never watched American Idol), but let’s just say that when my cable system started carrying Fox Reality, that was a really good day for me. Even for the shows I don’t watch, I can keep up with them through a daily dose of Reality Remix (episodes of this are available at the website I linked to).

Right now I’m watching the first episode of Camp Reality, created and hosted by Burton Roberts (Survivor: Pearl Islands). The basic premise is that Burton brought 12 of his reality TV friends to a cabin in the mountains, where we get to just see them hang out (of course there’s a hot tub and alcohol), but also play lots of competitions. No one goes home or gets voted off the mountain, there are no twists or turns, just good reality fun. If you’re a reality TV fan, you’re probably going to at least want to check this show out.

Now, there are a few people on the show that I could do without seeing again (they seem to turn up on any show that’s remotely like this, such as Coral Smith and Johnny Fairplay), but it’s cool to see a few of the others, particularly for me Brennan Swain, co-winner of the very first season of The Amazing Race.