I’m sitting here watching tonight’s (that would Monday the 11th, though I’m posting this early on the 12th) primetime Summer Olympics coverage, and thought I’d pose a couple of questions to whomever might wander this way: Do you watch the Olympics, and if so, what are your must-not-miss events?

I don’t remember ever not watching any Olympic coverage (I’m not sure where I get this, since neither of my parents care at all), but since getting a TiVo several years ago, it certainly is easier to watch as much as I have time for. Probably my favorite event of all comes from the Winter Olympics (figure skating; in high school I had photos from magazines hung up in my room, but they weren’t of the usual teen heartthrobs, but instead my favorite figure skaters of all nationalities), but in the summer I try to not miss any gymnastic coverage.

I’ve also always enjoyed diving, but I now watch a lot of swimming. I also try to make time for beach volleyball, equestrian, and synchronized swimming. So far this year I’ve at least watched a little water polo, handball, badminton, and rowing, and will probably watch a little of whatever else comes up on my television screen.

Something fun to peruse when you have a little time is the Wikipedia page for the Summer Olympics to see all the sports that have been played over the years. Tug of war? Croquet? Sounds like good times.