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Next Step (Technically): Closing

The condo-buying things went so fast for a while there, and now pretty much all I’m looking at is the closing on October 30. Just 38 days!

My agent and I got together on Friday, September 4, to fill out the purchase agreement, and my offer was accepted two days later after very little  negotiating that really only changed the closing date.

The inspection went well: there were a couple of minor electrical things that the inspector suggested should be done (the seller is actually taking care of these, though I didn’t request that, so — bonus!) and the furnace is original and 25 years old, so it’ll be the first major thing I’ll need to deal with at some point.

I’ve gotten a couple of batches of homeowners’ association papers, and after getting the second batch this morning I chatted with my insurance agent to see what I’m looking at for the cost of my personal property and liability insurance (not too bad — less than twice what I’m paying for renter’s now, and that includes adding extra coverage related to my in-home business).

So really, the next major thing for the actual purchase of the condo is the closing. Woohoo!

But in reality, besides getting started with packing, I’ve been looking at lots of furniture options, particularly for the living room. I want to have enough seating for a group of friends to talk or watch a movie or sporting event, but my original plan didn’t really accomplish that without using dining room chairs (my chairs are fine, but I wouldn’t want to watch a whole movie sitting in one, so I don’t want anyone else to have to either). So I’m looking around a bit to see how I can still get the power rocker recliner I’ve been drooling over (ideally I’d like a pair of them with a center console thingy) and have room for at least another loveseat. At this point the best option involves changing where I had planned to put the TV so I wouldn’t be able to see it from the kitchen, which might not be the worst thing.

I’m starting to think about paint colors, too. Mostly I just have to decide what I like. A little color? A lot of color? Neutrals? What I need to do is start paying attention to pictures of rooms and that sort of thing and go through the Sherwin-Williams paint chip collection my mom has.

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