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Camp Reality

I confess, I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie. I don’t watch every single show (I generally don’t watch shows like The Bachelor, and I’ve never watched American Idol), but let’s just say that when my cable system started carrying Fox Reality, that was a really good day for me. Even for the shows I don’t watch, I can keep up with them through a daily dose of Reality Remix (episodes of this are available at the website I linked to).

Right now I’m watching the first episode of Camp Reality, created and hosted by Burton Roberts (Survivor: Pearl Islands). The basic premise is that Burton brought 12 of his reality TV friends to a cabin in the mountains, where we get to just see them hang out (of course there’s a hot tub and alcohol), but also play lots of competitions. No one goes home or gets voted off the mountain, there are no twists or turns, just good reality fun. If you’re a reality TV fan, you’re probably going to at least want to check this show out.

Now, there are a few people on the show that I could do without seeing again (they seem to turn up on any show that’s remotely like this, such as Coral Smith and Johnny Fairplay), but it’s cool to see a few of the others, particularly for me Brennan Swain, co-winner of the very first season of The Amazing Race.


  1. QueenieCarly

    It seems I’m becoming more of a sucker for this stuff. The Amazing Race has had me hooked for about four seasons, but the one I really love that came as a real shock is Beauty and the Geek. Love it.

  2. Kristie

    Beauty and the Geek is a good one — I can’t say the current season is my favorite, but I really liked the first couple of seasons.

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