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So Tired

I think this past week of just doing so much has worn me out. I’m almost looking forward to getting back to work Monday because it’s more relaxing than sorting out my kitchen and painting.

Today Mom and I got the two largest walls in the living room painted, and will probably do the other two plus touch-ups on Sunday. I’m not sure when we’ll get to the kitchen — maybe next weekend? I love how the color is bringing some life to the place from the ivory/cream/light beige that was everywhere, so I think I’ll have to figure out colors for the rest of place sooner than later.

Of all the absurd things I’m having trouble placing, it’s the TV in my bedroom. I bought it a few years ago when my ancient 13″ looked to be on its last legs, and while flat panels were out, they were a bit out of my price range, so this is a flat tube. Fabulous widescreen, and I think it’s only about a 20″, but it’s still a pretty big TV to find a place for. My bedroom here is actually smaller than what I had at my parents’ house, and I’m trying to keep the furniture to a minimum, but where to put the big TV? Mom and I are currently thinking about me giving her this TV and we’ll work something out so I can buy a 19″ or so flat panel. I don’t watch a lot of TV in my bedroom, but I do like to watch the occasional movie there, especially when I’m sick.

This evening the parents and I went out to eat and to run a couple of errands. I needed a new dryer vent because the one that’s here is too short — the old dryer was the top half of a stacking washer/dryer. I also bought some new pillows and a phone. I can’t imagine I’ll use my landline much, but I figured I should at least get one phone.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading over to my parents’ to do the laundry I still have over there and pack up as much as I can before 2:00, when I’m hoping a few friends will turn up to help me get all that stuff here. At this point there’s nothing I couldn’t do mostly myself or with just my mom’s help, but just to have extra help to carry the boxes and things up the stairs will be a godsend. And with any luck, I’ll find my router. As much as I love just having high-speed Internet again at all, I really miss being able to use my laptop in the living room.

The Productivity of Others

I don’t feel like I personally got much accomplished today, but quite a bit actually got done.

I got up plenty early and got a couple of things done, like finishing setting up my desktop computer so it’d be ready for high-speed Internet installation, but I was so tired I decided to take a short nap. Which wasn’t as short as I intended. But I was back up and showered and ready for someone from Comcast to show up between noon and 2:00 PM. I think he arrived about 12:30, and I’m pretty sure he had no idea how much work was going to be involved. Not only did I want the cable in the living room in a different place, but the two bedrooms weren’t wired at all. It turns out the living room might as well not have been either, as I learned later that there hasn’t been cable here for 12 years. I suspected the previous owner hadn’t had it because she had a converter box, and she had been here for 10 years, but I wasn’t sure if she had ever had it. A second guy arrived to help, and they were apparently supposed to be at another job by 4:00, probably in the 2-4 slot. They might have gotten there in time, but barely. As it is, there’s an issue with the Encore channels, so someone will be back out tomorrow sometime (that was certainly not something urgent enough for me to keep them, and I’ll be here all day except for possibly a little shopping trip).

Yeah, I think Mom and I both keep forgetting that my middle nephew’s birthday is Sunday. I know what I’m giving him, at least in part, but I haven’t actually purchased it yet. And I got Comcast’s Digital Voice service, so I suppose I should buy phones (one with two satellites is what I’m thinking) so someone could actually call me (pretty much everyone has my mobile number anyway, so it’s not like it’s a big deal). And the dryer hose isn’t long enough to reach my dryer (there was a stacking unit that the previous owner only used for the dryer, and it wasn’t all that great, as I learned the other night; fortunately I own my own set, though the washer here is better than mine), so I need to get a longer one very soon.

In the evening, a coworker of my dad’s and the coworker’s son were kind enough to help me with particularly difficult pieces of furniture, so I now have a loveseat (or couch, as my mom insists on calling it — it only has two cushions and isn’t long enough for me to stretch out completely on, so I think it’s a loveseat) to sit on, so I can watch TV in comfort. It’s nothing like the sofas with recliners I should get within the next 2-3 weeks, but it’ll do for now.

All in all, I’m feeling a little more civilized with the cable TV, high-speed Internet, and a loveseat, so it’s feeling like it’s starting to come together.

Moving In, Day One

As I was typing the title, I just realized I’ve had my netbook connected to Sprint via its mobile broadband card for a few hours now. I typically use it very sporadically, so I have no idea how much time I can actually get per month out of my plan. Hmm. In any case, I’m glad to have it so I don’t have to rely just on my iPhone at my new home. Comcast is scheduled for Thursday.

This morning I woke up way earlier than I expected and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I started pulling things together that had to wait until I was really ready to move, like clothes and toiletries. It was basically what I had been planning for today, but I because I could get in earlier than I thought I would be able to, I decided I really wanted to get enough stuff taken over so I could actually stay overnight. My parents and I also loaded up basically everything else that was ready to go, mostly kitchen stuff and food. I ended up calling a friend to see if she might be available for a little while to help unload stuff. She was willing and able — thanks so much, Julie! She was also a great help when I dragged her to Target, where I ended up buying quite a bit of household stuff (also part of my plan for today, before I knew my day would have more to do).

While we were unloading and at Target, my parents started pulling nails and spackling. They’ll be back over tomorrow to help with that, and I’ll go get some paint samples to see if my choices for the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are as good as I think they are.

I went back to my parents’ for dinner, then Mom and I returned to the condo  to clean the cabinet shelves and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and hall closet so I could start putting away dishes, food, and towels. I still have more stuff to put away in the kitchen tomorrow morning, then I can take the pictures I meant to take with the place empty. There will be a few things on the kitchen counters (microwave, electric kettle), but the place is empty furniture-wise, except for my dining room chairs (I realized it would be nice to have a place to sit now and then even though we didn’t bring the table yet) and an airbed.

Something I’m probably going to want to do soon is see about getting new handles and seals for the refrigerator. The ones for the refrigerator part are particularly not fabulous, but the freezer’s aren’t perfect either. The insides are pretty nice, though, and I love how the shelves in the refrigerator are split in half, and all of the shelves are adjustable vertically.

Ah, the ups and downs of homeownership. I’m sure this is just a sliver of what’s to come.

The Craziness is Nearly Finished

The main thing is that my closing is going forward tomorrow morning at 10. Getting to this point has involved a lot of drama and nail biting, and there’s actually one little piece involving the lender that’s not quite done yet, but basically, I should be a homeowner by lunchtime tomorrow.

Not that I can actually move in yet. The seller won’t be moved out until 4 on Saturday, so I’ve officially postponed moving the bulk of my stuff to, hopefully, next Saturday.

So, during the day this Saturday I’ll probably go get some paint samples so I can put them on the wall Saturday night to see if I like them. And I’ll probably try to get to the Tile Shop now that I took a picture of the countertop in my bathroom when I was there for the final walkthrough this evening. It would be great if I could find something that ties together the grey marble of the countertop and the cream-colored shower curtain I bought a couple years ago that I just love. I had forgotten about the color of the countertop when I ordered the yarn for the bath mat I’m planning to knit, which is also cream.

Speaking of knitting, I’m going to do a little now before I go to bed. Nothing helps me relax in the way knitting does.

It’s Good to Have a Place to Sleep

I was able to cross one item off my to-do list this evening when I finally purchased a mattress set. I pretty much knew what I wanted; when I visited my friend Jessica out in New York a couple months ago I loved their guest bed. Not only did I find it extremely comfortable, but after ten nights I really noticed that my back felt a lot better too. If things go as planned, I should be climbing into a bed that is very similar to that one one week from tonight.

Speaking of plans, it turns out the seller of the condo I’m buying canceled her movers for Friday, so it’s up in the air right now as to when I can actually start moving in. Her agent is trying to line up other movers, but otherwise she may not be able to move out until as late as Monday. At this point I don’t even care so much about more delay, though it sets up a weird temporary landlord/tenant situation since the closing is still supposed to be Friday; I just want to know when for sure so I can confirm or reschedule my plans for friends to help me with furniture and whatever else is ready to go on Saturday.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be visiting the condo for my final walkthrough. It’s been nearly two months since the last time I was there to meet with the inspector, so it’ll be nice to see it again.

It’s just about feeling real now. Just about.

Will It Really Happen This Time?

The word today is that my closing will be this Friday, probably in the afternoon. On the one hand, yay! On the other, I have a hard time accepting that it’ll really happen after the disappointment of last week.

An interesting note is that the thing that was causing the delay turned out to be a nonissue, but there was some sort of communication fumble, so that message didn’t get to whomever it needed to. Kind of frustrating, but there’s not much to be done now but go on.

I  don’t have much more to report today. After not knitting at all yesterday, I managed to get a couple of rounds of the Hemlock Ring Blanket done while hanging out at the yarn shop this evening. I’d love to finish another three before bed, but seeing as how it’s already about 10:30, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

Dinner for One

Somehow today I found my mind wandering toward what I’m going to do for meals when I’m in my own place, which will hopefully be very soon. (There’s no news yet on when the closing might be.)

A few weeks ago I was browsing through cookbooks (a weird occasional habit, since I’m really not much of a cook) and got to thinking about how most recipes seem to be for four servings. I like leftovers as much as the next person, but I’d really rather just cook for me rather than the family I don’t have. So I turned to Amazon to see what I could find for cookbooks for one.

There were quite a few books that sounded good, and I put a few on my Wish List, but there was one that intrigued me enough to order it, Going Solo in the Kitchen by Jane Doerfer. I’ve been browsing through it here and there since it arrived, and not only does it seem to have a good number of uncomplicated recipes (remember how I’m not much of a cook?) that sound really good, but the author gives quite a bit of advice on things like food storage and how to buy just enough food for yourself. One thing I’m looking forward to trying is one of the various recipes that are supposed to have leftovers that you can repurpose into making a second different meal. I think it’ll make for a nicer variety than just plain leftovers.

I also got to thinking about all the groceries I’m going to need to set up a kitchen again. I have a few things (beer bread, anyone?), and I don’t need to stock everything right away, but a few basics, like flour and sugar, are probably in order. Which reminds me, I never have found canisters for those.