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Next Step: Purchase Agreement

Like I mentioned in my last post, I had been casually looking at townhouses and condos online for quite a while, but about a month ago finally got together with an agent to start looking at places. As it happens, the condo that is ridiculously close to my local yarn shop is also the best place I’ve seen, and I haven’t really been able to get it out of my head. I was a bit worried that it might sell while I was on my long trip to upstate New York (a post or two to come about that soon), but happily it’s still available, and I went to see it again last night.

No place is going to be perfect, but this condo is about as close as I think I’m going to get. I haven’t looked at many condos because most don’t seem to fit two of my criteria: separate entrance (i.e., not a security thing where I have to buzz someone in) and in-unit laundry. This one does fit, and feels much more like a townhouse than anything. A little small perhaps, but it should be plenty for me, especially if I find ways to do some things efficiently. It has a second bedroom that should work fairly well as an office/craft room, with a futon for a random guest I might have (I’ll also have a loveseat with a decent — really — pull-out bed mattress in the living room). The bathroom isn’t spacious, but it isn’t cramped either, and has a good linen closet that opens into it. The kitchen is pretty nice, with a decent number of cupboards and good counter space (though the counters themselves are something I’d want to replace someday, but it’s not at all urgent). The master bedroom has a good-sized walk-in closet, which I love (I had one growing up, and I’ve always kind of wanted one again).

There are a lot of other positives, and only one major thing I was hoping for — lessening my commute a little bit — won’t be fulfilled. The home is in a really nice location, though, which makes up for it.

So, tonight I’ll be meeting with my agent to work up a purchase agreement. She keeps saying I seem nervous, and of course I am! I’m a single person buying a house by myself, and while there are a bunch of good reasons to do so right now, that doesn’t make it less daunting. But I’m also really excited.

Now to figure out where I’d put the litterbox. That one has me mystified.

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