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The Return to Teavana

Since visiting Teavana for the first time on December 1, I’ve been doing a little more reading about tea, the different varieties, and each variety’s benefits. The first time I selected a couple of teas I really love (the Monkey Picked Oolong and Rooibos Chai), but I’ve been thinking I’d like a little more variety. And now that I’ve been enjoying this high-quality tea, I’ve had a hard time drinking some of the other teas I’ve purchased, even what should have been pretty good, such as a Stash Spiced Chai that sounded fabulous when I bought it, but I hated it when I drank it. So I decided I needed a little more of the good stuff from Teavana.

Also, I’ve been having a hard time keeping the Rooibos Chai in the loose leaf tea bags I picked up last time, and some of it’s too fine to work well in any tea ball I own, so the first thing I picked up at Teavana was a couple of Perfect Tea Makers, one for home and one for work. I also saw the Tea Tumbler/Thermos, and realized it would be great for taking some tea for my commutes.

I did get a couple more fabric-covered tins (they’re so pretty!), but I was planning to mostly get the small 3-oz. tins. However, they don’t have those in the store anymore, so I ended up with some medium 6-oz. tins. But that’s probably okay; in the future I can use those for the teas I really, really love.

But on to the tea. My goal was to buy one each of a green tea, a white tea, and a black tea. I ended up with those and a couple of herbals, one because it’s just good, and the other mostly to mix with other teas. Here’s the list:

I’ve only tried the Mate Vana and Strawberry Slender so far, but they were both really, really tasty. I’m looking forward to my further tea adventures.

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