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Happy New Year!

I survived the holidays, managed to finally see my grandma and a few other extended family members this past Sunday afternoon, was able to attend a party on Sunday evening and see a few friends (and a couple of their babies, who are adorable), and didn’t have the worst New Year’s ever.

Okay, so I was essentially home alone (at least I was the only one awake), and I should have cracked one of the several bottles of champagne I have from a New Year’s party that didn’t happen a few years ago (is that champagne even going to be good anymore? It has been refrigerated the whole time, so maybe?) — it would have at least helped me get to sleep earlier than 6 AM — but I ended up playing a bit on my Nintendo DS and then reading until the very wee hours.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a general goal just to seek more balance in my life. I hardly did any cross stitch last year, and absolutely no crochet at all. Certainly I made some cards, but I haven’t gotten photos of any of them posted to my Flickr album. I read more books than I have since I started keeping track of that in 2000, but did my sleep suffer? Did I try to watch too many TV shows? I went to see or watched on DVD very few movies, wasting quite a bit of good money on my Netflix subscription; what’s up with that?

More than anything, I need to fit in some exercise. If it’s reasonably priced, I think the Wii Fit has some potential to make exercise fun (and it seems to focus some on core work, which I should be doing more of for my back). I also need to finish clearing some space in my basement area to both create a space where I can have some peace and quiet to read and to have floor space so I can try out the Leslie Sansone walk at home DVDs I’ve purchased. I was supposed to sign up for a water aerobics class with a couple friends, but didn’t because I wasn’t sure how the evening schedule at work was going to go for the winter; tomorrow I need to call one of those friends and confirm which class it was they signed up for and see if I can make it after all, since I think it’s supposed to start perhaps as soon as next week.

So, happy new year, all! I hope 2008 is a great year for all.

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