My Favorite Podcasts

Since getting my new iPod, with more than enough space (for the time being, anyway) for my music and audiobooks, I’ve come to love podcasts. Note: All podcasts mentioned below are available at least through iTunes, but possibly other outlets as well.

I’ve tried out a few baseball ones: Baseball Prospectus Radio, MLB Radio Daily, and Baseball Geeks. I haven’t listened to any lately and haven’t given the others much of a chance, but I’ve really enjoyed the Prospectus.

Of course, since I got a video iPod it made sense to try out a few video podcasts: Strong Bad Emails & More, GeekBrief.TV, and Almanac: At the Capitol (no new episodes until January 2007). Strong Bad is just hilarious. If you’re not familiar, please head over to GeekBrief is for the tech geek in me: fun little tidbits, presented by a woman! Almanac: At the Capitol is a local public television show with news from the Capitol — it’s where I learn about what’s actually going on at work.

But I’m a geek who also likes to learn about other stuff, so: Science Talk, The Word Nerds, and The Naked Scientists. Science Talk is by Scientific American, and there are often interesting topics, authors, and the like. I’ve only listened to one episode of The Word Nerds, but I really like the idea, so hopefully it’ll be enjoyable. I do love The Naked Scientists, and not just for the British accents. The episodes I’ve listened to have all been both fun and educational.

Know of any podcasts I should try? Please let me know.

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Podcasts”

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention: While it’s not as handy as on an iPod, you can subscribe to these via iTunes and listen to/watch them with iTunes itself. All of these are free too (I haven’t run across any that aren’t).

  2. Hehe. I know I could via iTunes, but that would mean it would have to be at home while I’m on the computer…an iPod would be much more convenient. 🙂

  3. That’s a great list. I’m just dipping my toes in the world of PodCasts and I have only had music related ones so far, but I just subscribed to the Word Nerds so we’ll see how that goes. As for the science stuff, that’s up my alley too. I’m going to check into those soon too. Thanks!

  4. So far, I like the one from SPIN magazine. And CBC Radio One. I’m sure you can Google them, although they may not be up your alley depending on what kind of music you like. I’m on the prowl so I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Excellent. Thanks!

    I like all kinds of music…hmm, I sense a much-needed new topic for a post…so I’ll check out anything at least once.

  6. I went off in search of podcasts this morning and discovered the Minnesota Twins Fan Network. Right now they’re mocking ESPN’s worship of Roger Clemens, and BG will be on it too.

  7. Excellent. Barb forwarded me an email about that one and I’ve subscribed, but I haven’t synced my iPod since. Will do tonight.

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