4 thoughts on “States I’ve Visited”

  1. I did one of these for myself and it was almost exactly the opposite of yours, Kristie. Mine were mostly states in the west peppered with others. I’d have posted if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve visited very few American states, maybe 7? (I’m Canadian, remember!)

  2. I actually have to update this map — I forgot a couple of states the first go around, if you can believe that.

    I really want to get to the west side of the lower 48 one of these days!

  3. kristie, i count airports i’ve had layovers in, okay? 🙂 on that note, i guess i forgot KY. funny that the cincy airport is actually in KY, huh?

  4. That is kinda weird.

    I actually spent a week in the Appalachians with a group from my church the summer after I graduated from high school. Tennessee, however, I just drove through and forgot about.

    Of course, I intended to go to Nashville to visit a friend who lived there, but she moved back here before I had a chance.

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