Have I mentioned how unfond I am of winter? I don’t mind the cold, despite that my bedroom will be no warmer than 60 degrees until spring — it beats the 80-85 degrees all summer.

But snow…ugh. Just running a few errands last night was a pain, having to clear off my car after I left each store, encountering drivers who can’t cope with a little of the fluffy stuff. And my commute to work is long enough without adding a little snow.

But mostly, I need new shoes. I’ve really come to love my new boot-cut jeans, but they’re so long, and none of my boots are appropriate for walking through snow, especially when there’s ice under it. I’d prefer to not fall on my ass while just walking to my car.

I used to have a couple pairs (one black, one brown) of comfortable slip-on shoes with rubber soles and 2-inch heels, but they’ve bit the dust.

I had a pair of Eastland shoes that I thought would be a good backup pair until I found something else, but it turns out they’ve got huge cracks in the soles. The other day when it was raining? Yep, my feet were mighty wet when I got home.

So, long, boring story short, I need shoes. I hate shoe shopping.