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Not Tonight; I Have A Headache

I am not a seasonal allergy sufferer; I suffer from them pretty much all the time. Dust, mold, whatever it is, it’s controlled quite nicely by a daily dose of Zyrtec. Somehow I managed to run out without buying more first, so last night I missed a dose.

I had this grand plan to go to Sam’s Club because they have the best price I’ve found for Zyrtec, and besides, I could use some fish and whatever to throw in the freezer. So I went to my parents’ for dinner, and Mom and I headed off to Sam’s. I got plenty of meat to put in the freezer (it’s not that big a freezer; I’m considering getting a little chest freezer to put in the garage or entryway closet or something), and I even noticed they had a spice chai mix in stock that a coworker likes so I called to see if she’d like me to pick it up, but more than an hour after I got home I realized I didn’t get the Zyrtec.

So far my sinuses haven’t been too bad, so I think I’ll be fine until I can pick up some at Target tomorrow, but I do have a bit of a headache forming.

Around the time I was moving into my new place, I stocked up on a lot of baking supplies: regular flour, better for bread flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, brown sugar, chocolate chips…you get the idea. I’ve really been looking forward to using my bread machine more often, but I hadn’t located the book that tells me what order to put everything in. While I was at my parents’ this evening, I found it mixed in with a bunch of my mom’s cookbooks and started checking out the ingredients to make sure I have everything I need for plain old whole wheat bread. All set! Except salt. How do I forget to buy a staple like salt? It’s also on my list for Target for tomorrow.

The Sofas Are Here! The Sofas Are Here!

Yeah, I’m pretty much that excited. Pictures will be along just as soon as I’m able to clear out the extra furniture from my living room. The new sofas look awesome with the blue color I chose for the living room, and they’re super comfy. I love being able to push a button to lift the footrest, and I’ve spent a rare (lately, that is) evening mostly relaxing with my feet up, watching TV and knitting.

Tomorrow evening Mom and I are going to start to put my new closet organization into the master bedroom closet. Pretty soon I’ll be able to hang up clothes! And I’m putting my dresser into the closet, which will clear up space to put a nice comfy chair in a corner of my bedroom by the window.

The next big hurdle is figuring out how to get the couch I had in the living room into the second bedroom. Mom and I rearranged and cleared out the room for the move, only to realize how difficult it’s going to be to fit through the door. It’ll go, but it has to be on its side, and with the pull-out bed inside, it’s really hard to move that way. For the moment it’s cozy with the  table in the dining room.

I’ve been able to get a little knitting in this weekend, and my current stitch total for NaKnitMo stands at 9,117/30,000 (I might get a little more than that done before bed tonight). I have quite a way to go in the next eight days! Though there will be other work to do, I’m sort of counting on the four-day weekend to get lots and lots of knitting in. After today I’ll probably work on the Hemlock Blanket rather than the bathmat not only because I can gets lots of stitches quickly, but also because I want to finish the blanket one of these months.

Projects in Progress

I’m just worn out today after only really getting about five hours of sleep last night. I had to pretty much drag myself out of bed so I could let Barb in to work on my master closet while I finished the last little bit of prepping for my workshop. I actually did do some sanding in the closet before she arrived. She wasn’t here long, just doing the last stuff before my parents primed and painted this afternoon while I was gone for the workshop.

After the workshop I had one of those things happen that might be kind of an amusing story. I wanted to pick up Leeann Chin for my parents and myself for dinner, so the friend at whose house we had the workshop directed me to the nearest one. When I got there I had a fleeting thought about how another friend lived really close to there, but I had no idea if he even liked Leeann Chin, but wouldn’t it be funny if he was there? I figured it was pretty unlikely since it wasn’t even 5 PM at the time, and forgot all about it until I was picking up my bag and there he was next to me, waiting to make his purchase.

While I was gone, my parents got a lot of work done. The master closet might need another coat, at least where the holes were patched, but otherwise it’s done. Mom touched up the living room walls we painted over a week ago so they’re done before the sofas arrive tomorrow afternoon, plus did one of the smaller walls we hadn’t gotten to yet.

My project this evening, which I’m sort of doing in spurts while also trying to watch some TV and get some knitting done (I’m not anywhere close to where I need to be for NaKnitMo, plus I’d love to have my bath mat completed), is to clear out the clutter in the second bedroom so Mom and I can rearrange the furniture in it tomorrow morning so there’s room for the couch that’s now in the living room but will need to be in its real home before the sofas arrive. Most of it’s going into the master bedroom rather than the second bedroom closet because I’m hoping to paint that closet soon before putting stuff like my yarn and paper crafting supplies in it. Of course I’d also like to get that bedroom painted in the nearish future, but I need to decide on a color.

For the time being, the cats’ litter box has been in the second bedroom closet, but I’m not at all sure I like it there. I just can’t for the life of me come up with somewhere better. The best other option I’ve come up with so far is to see if I could put in a different kind of door (it’s currently a door that folds out, so it’s in the way when open) on the bathroom closet so it could be open just wide enough for them to get in, since its footprint is plenty big for the box, and there’s plenty of height before the shelves start. But do I want it in the same place as my towels?

Another Unexciting Day

Is “unexciting” even a word? It doesn’t sound right, but spell-check doesn’t mind it, and I’m too tired to care at this exact moment.

I did get a bit of exciting news today, but it won’t really be exciting until Sunday, when my new sofas will be delivered. The last I heard they wouldn’t be in until November 30, and I wasn’t planning to have them delivered until the following weekend so I don’t have to take off more time right now, but they came in exactly when I was originally told they would, yesterday. There’s some work to do before they arrive (like touching up the paint that is behind where the sofas will sit, and fitting the temporary furniture into their permanent homes in the bedrooms), but I’m so looking forward to my comfy new sofas with power recliners.

I bought something else this evening that will eventually be exciting, the closet organization for my master bedroom closet. Like with the sofas, there’s a fair amount of work that to be done before I can actually start putting away my clothes (not the least of which is just painting the closet), but perhaps within a few days that will start coming together.

I finally remembered to grab my older TiVo from my parents’ house after running errands. I don’t record much on it, just a small number of shows where I too many in the timeslot, but now that I have time to catch up with a little TV, it’ll be nice to get those shows too. After I got it connected to the TV in the second bedroom I discovered that it hadn’t connected successfully to TiVo since last Friday, so it had nearly run out of guide data. Oops!

The rest of my evening was spent catching up with some of the previously mentioned TV and setting up for tomorrow’s Stampin’ Up! workshop. Getting together with a few friends will be fun, but preparing for this is also making me look forward to when I’m a little more settled and can finally try to have classes at my home. I received the January-April mini catalog and Sale-A-Bration brochure today in the mail, and there are so many new things I’m looking forward to playing with!

Staving Off More Illness

Today I woke up feeling very rundown and possibly coming down with another cold (I’m still wondering if my first cold was really a cold at all, since the symptoms were also very similar to H1N1), so I called in sick to work and got some extra sleep. I’m so glad I did, because I feel better than I have pretty much since my closing. Burning the candle on both ends only works for so long.

This afternoon and early evening I managed to finish up designing the other three projects for my workshop Saturday, so now all I have left for tomorrow evening and Saturday morning is to cut the pieces and pack things up. Tomorrow evening I’m joining my parents for dinner and a trip to Menard’s so I can buy the stuff for my master closet that’s on sale there this week, and I also really need to remember to get from their house the case I use to pack up and carry stuff to workshops.

Mom and Barb did more work in the master closet this evening. It’s a godsend to have a couple of people who are willing to work on things even when I don’t have the time to work on them right now myself. But rest assured, as soon as this workshop is done, I’m going to get back to it. I really need to start thinking about my Christmas cards, though.

I’ll Sleep When This Week Is Over

I have no idea how I’ve been managing to get up for work this week, because I’ve been up later than I want to be every night. Mostly, of course, I’ve been working on house stuff, trying to put things away or organize or whatever. I’ve also been trying to catch up with some TV, which is proving hard to fit in.

Tonight I’ve been working on something a little more fun than finding places for my groceries, creating the projects for the Stampin’ Up! workshop a friend is having this Saturday. I have an idea of what I’m doing for all four,  but need to work through the actual design, details, and techniques I want to use. I’ve got one card done, which is fairly simple but I think pretty, but for the second I want to finally use the watercolor crayons I bought a while back, and I’ve been playing around with how to get it to work. I had a bit of a breakthough with that, so now I’m just going to write this and head to bed.

While I was working through the first  card, my mom and friend Barb worked on patching all the holes in my master closet. There’s one pretty big hole left that my mom is going to get a patch for on her way home from work tomorrow. She’s also going to see about getting a part I need so I can put a shower door back where it belongs. I think it was yesterday when I was innocently opening the door when it fell into the tub. I knew something wasn’t quite right, but I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t really like shower doors much to begin with, but at the moment I’d rather just make the quick fix than remove them. Eventually, though, I’m looking forward to using the shower curtain and hooks I found a few years ago that I love.

Today at work we had a banquet* during the noon hour to celebrate service awards. We receive a little something for two years, five years, and each five years after that. I received a lovely Mikasa vase for my 10 years of service, which is going to stay at work for a while until I find a place to put it at home that’s safe from the cats. It might be there a while.


*In this context, “banquet” means pizza from Savoy, which is pretty good stuff.

Bringing Some Order to the Chaos

In just a few days, I have a Stampin’ Up! workshop. I love doing these now and then, but as the days go by, I have to wonder how brilliant of an idea it was to schedule one so close to when I was buying a home. If the closing had been when it was supposed to be, it probably would have been fine, but with it being delayed a week and having so much more to deal with than I originally planned for I’m a little crunched for time.

And then there’s the problem that I have a hard time being creative when I’m surrounded by chaos, which pretty much describes my condo right now. Boxes I need to find out if I can recycle or not, tools on the table, boxes and various storage containers scattered around the second bedroom, clothes pretty much all over the master bedroom because I can’t put them in the closet yet, bags of food in the kitchen because I have no idea where to put it all — it’s all starting to get to me a little.

There’s no way I can deal with all of it before getting the projects for the workshop fully created, but I decided I can at least tackle the second bedroom and sort the boxes and stuff a bit so I can at least get at things more easily, and maybe clear out the living room a little since it’ll be where I’m trying to work.

In other news, a coworker friend, who I believe is more of a fan than I am, and I decided to go to the U2 concert together this coming June. I think I’ve only seen them in concert a couple times, the last at Slane Castle in 2001. It’s going to be nice during session to have something to look forward to.