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January Reads

I had sort of intended to start blogging more regularly about what I’m reading, but January ended up being a month where I read more than I spent time on the computer (outside of work, that is). So, just a rundown instead. I’ll try to start doing better soon!

I read a surprising (for me) number of novels: 9. But that might explain why my I’m still behind on watching shows recorded on my TiVo and computer that I haven’t had time to watch yet. The number at the end of each item is the rating based on the stars on (1 = didn’t like it, 2 = it was okay, 3 = liked it, 4 = really liked it, 5 = it was amazing). Very few books get 5s from me. The fact that I only started three new series while making progress on another six made it a really good month from that standpoint.

  • The Curse of the Holy Pail (#2, Odelia Grey) – Sue Ann Jaffarian (4)
  • Dying to Be Thin (#1, Kate Gallagher) – Kathryn Lilley (2)
  • The Jasmine Moon Murder (#5, Theodosia Browning) – Laura Childs (4)
  • Dead and Berried (#2, Grey Whale Inn) – Karen MacInerney (3)
  • The Chemistry of Death (#1, David Hunter) – Simon Beckett (4)
  • String of Lies (#2, Craft Corner) – Mary Ellen Hughes (3)
  • A Playdate with Death (#3, Juliet Applebaum) – Ayelet Waldman (4)
  • Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse (#1, Mr. Monk) – Lee Goldberg (3)
  • Sorcery and the Single Girl (#2, Jane Madison) – Mindy Klasky (4)

One goal of mine for 2008 is to read more shorter fiction, especially since I find myself regular buying publications such as Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and Asimov’s Science Fiction. I did pretty well with this goal in January.

  • “Dark Integers” – Greg Egan (novelette, Asimov’s October/November 2007)
  • “The Voice at the Barbican Gate” – Eric Rutter (short story, Alfred Hitchcock January/February 2008)
  • “A Killing in Midtown” – G. Miki Hayden (short story, Alfred Hitchcock January/February 2008)
  • “A Bridge Too Far” – Zoë Sharp (short story, Ellery Queen July 2007)
  • “Dead as a Dog” – Doug Allyn (short story, Ellery Queen July 2007)
  • “Finished” – Robert Reed (short story, Asimov’s September 2005)
  • “There Is No Crime on Easter Island” – Nancy Pickard (Ellery Queen September/October 2005)
  • Interlude in Death – J.D. Robb (novella)

I certainly won’t end up reading as much in February, but it’ll be a good month nonetheless.

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