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I Don’t Hate Going to the Dentist, But…

So, if I only post every couple of months or so, I bet no one is reading this anymore. I’ll try to do better over the summer! I have a tag from my last post I still need to do too.

I really don’t hate going to the dentist. I really like the one I’ve been going to for a few years now, and so far I’ve had no complaints about anything. I can’t say I’m thrilled about what I have to go in for today, though. About three weeks ago I had a root canal (no big deal, just annoying; I’ve had one before so I knew pretty much what to expect), but this time I have to get a crown. Apparently I’ll need to get a crown on the other root-canaled tooth eventually too, but hopefully not until at least next year so I can utilize pre-tax medical benefits to pay for it.

Today I go in for the first of the two appointments to get my crown. I was sort of hoping that I wouldn’t need Novocaine since the tooth is technically not alive anymore, but from a bit of online reading it sounds like I’ll get it anyway. I don’t mind Novocaine so much, but its lingering effects put me out of commission for several hours for anything beyond watching TV, and I have stuff I need to get done tonight.

And apparently I’ll still need to avoid eating on that side of my mouth for at least a couple more weeks; I’ve had to do that for three weeks already with the temporary filling and it’s getting tiring. Literally.

I’ll plan to post something a little less depressing soon. Maybe post a few photos from my recent vacation in California. I only have around 1,200 to sort through first…

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  1. Kim

    Okay you! I check your blog every single day!!! And finally you have updated it. YEAH! I’m looking forward to you posting much more often!!! 🙂

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