Convention Swaps

I finally took some pictures…last weekend? It was hard getting decent light. I uploaded them a few days later, but time flies.

So, the first cardfront isn’t so great. I thought it would be a good simple demonstration card, and I liked the color combo, but it wasn’t so popular during swapping.

All images © Stampin’ Up!

My other card was very popular. I really loved how during the first morning of swapping, someone came and tracked me down to get one because she saw one with someone else and just had to have one of her own. A fabulous compliment!

All images © Stampin’ Up!

I had started a third cardfront, but didn’t really have enough time to finish it and then found out that the Minneapolis regional seminar is in early September, so I’ll be using it for that. Plus I’m going to a dinner with folks from my stamping online forum, and we’re doing a Christmas/winter cardfront swap, so I have another one to get ready too!

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