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Not Tonight; I Have A Headache

I am not a seasonal allergy sufferer; I suffer from them pretty much all the time. Dust, mold, whatever it is, it’s controlled quite nicely by a daily dose of Zyrtec. Somehow I managed to run out without buying more first, so last night I missed a dose.

I had this grand plan to go to Sam’s Club because they have the best price I’ve found for Zyrtec, and besides, I could use some fish and whatever to throw in the freezer. So I went to my parents’ for dinner, and Mom and I headed off to Sam’s. I got plenty of meat to put in the freezer (it’s not that big a freezer; I’m considering getting a little chest freezer to put in the garage or entryway closet or something), and I even noticed they had a spice chai mix in stock that a coworker likes so I called to see if she’d like me to pick it up, but more than an hour after I got home I realized I didn’t get the Zyrtec.

So far my sinuses haven’t been too bad, so I think I’ll be fine until I can pick up some at Target tomorrow, but I do have a bit of a headache forming.

Around the time I was moving into my new place, I stocked up on a lot of baking supplies: regular flour, better for bread flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, brown sugar, chocolate chips…you get the idea. I’ve really been looking forward to using my bread machine more often, but I hadn’t located the book that tells me what order to put everything in. While I was at my parents’ this evening, I found it mixed in with a bunch of my mom’s cookbooks and started checking out the ingredients to make sure I have everything I need for plain old whole wheat bread. All set! Except salt. How do I forget to buy a staple like salt? It’s also on my list for Target for tomorrow.

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  1. thisisbeth

    This sounds like a typical shopping trip for me: “Okay, I’d like to get some of this stuff to stock up…but I really really need to get milk!” I’ll come home without the milk.

    And, well, if you remembered all the staples besides salt, that’s pretty good!

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