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Staving Off More Illness

Today I woke up feeling very rundown and possibly coming down with another cold (I’m still wondering if my first cold was really a cold at all, since the symptoms were also very similar to H1N1), so I called in sick to work and got some extra sleep. I’m so glad I did, because I feel better than I have pretty much since my closing. Burning the candle on both ends only works for so long.

This afternoon and early evening I managed to finish up designing the other three projects for my workshop Saturday, so now all I have left for tomorrow evening and Saturday morning is to cut the pieces and pack things up. Tomorrow evening I’m joining my parents for dinner and a trip to Menard’s so I can buy the stuff for my master closet that’s on sale there this week, and I also really need to remember to get from their house the case I use to pack up and carry stuff to workshops.

Mom and Barb did more work in the master closet this evening. It’s a godsend to have a couple of people who are willing to work on things even when I don’t have the time to work on them right now myself. But rest assured, as soon as this workshop is done, I’m going to get back to it. I really need to start thinking about my Christmas cards, though.

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  1. thisisbeth

    People helping is a miracle! I was so glad my mom and my uncle put so much time into painting my house before I moved in!

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