It’ll be a very quick note tonight. It was a long day of painting and moving a few things from my parents’ house, and I have to be ready by 7:30 tomorrow morning for the first of three deliveries.

7:30-10:30: bed and TV stand (and if I’m lucky, they’ll be willing to help with the coffe table and end table I stupidly picked up last night and only managed to get as far as my garage)
8:30-10:30: mattress set
11-1: TV

I am so looking forward to having my new mattress! And not only because my cats can finally move to their new home tomorrow evening since I won’t be sleeping on an air mattress anymore.

I’m looking forward to the new HDTV too, but it’ll be better after Comcast is here Thursday, and great when I actually have time to watch TV again.

I needed a little comfort knitting, so I’m doing a couple rows of my bath mat and then I’ll get to bed. *yawn*