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Some Like It Hot-Buttered

Over the last year or two, I’ve really tried to slim down my book-buying budget, taking advantage of the library as much as I can. But I still browse the new releases shelves in Barnes & Noble’s mystery section on a regular basis, and sometimes a title just grabs me and demands I take the book home with me. This was the case with Jeffrey Cohen’s Some Like It Hot-Buttered. The bucket of popcorn on the cover didn’t hurt either. Excuse me for a moment while I pop up a bag of Act II’s new Buttery Cinnamon

Like a lot of the lighter mysteries I enjoy reading, this isn’t a phenomonal piece of literature, but it is different in featuring a male protagonist and it is infused with just the type of dry humor I love. The comedy-only movie theatre setting was intriguing, and who knows, perhaps I’ll watch Young Frankenstein one of these days.

I’ll be watching for It Happened One Knife, scheduled to be released July 1.

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