Turns out the weather up north is such that it’s really not a good idea to go up because we might get stuck there for a bit, and that won’t work, so we stayed home. We’re hoping another day, probably next weekend since both mom and I have to work Wednesday through Friday, will be better and we can just pop up for a day to see my grandma and whoever else we can.

I called the friend who invited me for dinner to let her know I can make it after all, if that’s okay. It is, so at least I’ll now be able to do that. This is with the two friends who I actually do exchange gifts with, so that’ll be fun. However, since I didn’t think I’d be there, I decided to put off buying gifts until next week…oops.

So I’m off in a little bit to go wrangle up some gifts. I really didn’t want to have to shop today of all days, but I prefer it to where I could be this afternoon, sadly.