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Torture Averted

Turns out the weather up north is such that it’s really not a good idea to go up because we might get stuck there for a bit, and that won’t work, so we stayed home. We’re hoping another day, probably next weekend since both mom and I have to work Wednesday through Friday, will be better and we can just pop up for a day to see my grandma and whoever else we can.

I called the friend who invited me for dinner to let her know I can make it after all, if that’s okay. It is, so at least I’ll now be able to do that. This is with the two friends who I actually do exchange gifts with, so that’ll be fun. However, since I didn’t think I’d be there, I decided to put off buying gifts until next week…oops.

So I’m off in a little bit to go wrangle up some gifts. I really didn’t want to have to shop today of all days, but I prefer it to where I could be this afternoon, sadly.


  1. well, congratulations? so what night do you have plans? You are more than welcome to come hang with us when we have our stuff too. At various points during the week – Eve and Morning at my folks’ and later in the day at Becky’s…

    on a completely different note – is that one of the pics I took way back when at the MN Zoo or did you take one that was very similar?

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    If you mean the dinner plans, that was last night. I don’t know exactly when we’ll go up north, but weather permitting it’ll probably be Saturday, and we’ll just go for the day. It’s too painful for Dad to travel that far just yet, so we’re not going to abandon him on Christmas itself or anything.

    Thanks for the welcome, but it’s not like I can just leave — I’m the only family my parents have at this time too, so… And besides, what I really want is to see my nephews, and being around someone else’s nephews isn’t really going to make me feel better, you know?

    That photo is cropped from one I took, as I mentioned in my post of November 26. I’d never use a photo of yours without permission or without giving you credit. I can’t prove it’s mine at the moment because it happens to be part of a group of photos I can’t find the CDs for (January through October 2005…I’m hoping it turns up soon because Blazer’s “baby” photos are also in the group), but it’s on my work computer, so I can post it to Flickr with the camera info on Wednesday.

  3. LOL we have taken pictures together at the same place so often, I don’t know how we would ever remember who’s was who’s half the time. I just remember that somewhere I have a very similar picture.

    I should dig those out and I look forward to seeing what else you have in there when you find them.

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