I’m finally caught up with all the old Netflix stuff I had (this week I put DVDs from March, June, and September in the mail), finishing with watching Happy Feet last night. What a cute movie! And the animation was spectacular. I will admit that I was a little irritated with the agenda-pushing at the end (not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with the agenda being pushed, but it seemed a bit forced to me), but the special features made up for that.

For one, I had no idea Steve Irwin had been involved with the movie. The first special feature is a nice tribute to him, while also being sort of a deleted scene.

And you’d certainly expect Savion Glover to show up somewhere in the special features, but instead of going into the technical aspects of his involvement (which I wouldn’t have minded seeing), it was a fun little dance lesson. I’m not going to be taking up tap dancing anytime soon, but the “heart song” message was kind of nice.

I start receiving new movies today! Since I hardly ever get out to see movies anymore, I have a long list of stuff I want to see soon.

P.S. Not that I expect she still pops over to my blog ever, but happy belated birthday, Theresa! Hope you got better stuff than Blazer, who turned 3 yesterday and only received a new cardboard scratcher.