–Benjamin Disraeli

So on Sunday, Barb had to stop by the grocery store after church so she could pick up some mushrooms for lunch, and somehow I ended up walking out with a pot of tulips.

In and of itself, that’s not so weird. I love tulips. (They’re not my favorite flower, that would be tiger lilies, but a close second.)

It was proposed to me that I could save the bulbs, plant them in the fall, and see if they came up again next spring. I have never gardened, but they sound easy enough. So what better than more tulips? I knew I had to go to Home Depot this week and they had pots of them for $5, so why not get one more?

And so I did. But while waiting for my mom to write a check for new carpet, I started browsing the seed display. I now have seeds for tall sunflowers, small sunflowers, four o’clocks, and a variety of wildflowers. Of course, it’s a good month probably until I can plant them, so perhaps I’ll have time to read Gardening for Dummies or something.

Or perhaps this is just a temporary insanity and it’ll be gone by then.

I also picked up a hanging planter of violas for the front porch, some plant fertilizer, and a kneeler thingy. Yikes.